Saturday, 23 July 2016

Cups and more cups

Looks like our house purchase is proceeding, now the question has turned to insurance. Home owners, life, critical illness, income protection, and all that jazz. How much insurance cover do I need? What action should I take with regard to insurance?

Jean Dodal Tarot, Flornoy 2009 
I was really surprised by this draw, as I was expecting a lot of swords, to indicate both trouble and decision making. Three cups in a row! Really?

So yeah, three cups in a row, and on either side, the World and the Empress both look away from the cups. I also can't help but notice that 21 and 3 are both 3, and two of the three cups is a multiple of three. What you make of that is up to the reader, but there it is.

The first message: There's all the insurance in the world out there, and it's an extremely emotive subject that plays upon our instinct to protect the nest.

The second message: This emotion doesn't have a great connection to the actual world or actual nurture. Ie, fears and reality are not necessarily directly linked.

The third message: The best action I can take at this point with regard to insurance is to look away from the multitude of emotions -- most to do with fear -- and look to more pertinent issues.

That's funny, because I didn't think I was being emotional, I thought I was being quite rational and gathering information at this point.  The cups represent being fed, basic needs, and by association, fear of not being fed or having basic needs met. And that of course is the very driver of insurance.

If the two figures are looking away from all this emotion, what are the they looking at instead?

What is the World looking at? 4 of Swords -- I figured a sword would turn up.  There may be a World of insurance out there, but I am constrained by certain limitations. I must avoid being led by emotion and turn my attention toward what is actually a logical best choice. 'Four does not change.' The only unchanging aspect in this equation is the finite amount of money I have to work with. That should be a prime consideration, obviously.

What is the Empress looking at? 7 of Wands -- 'Seven brings troubles that fate has assigned.' The Empress looks toward the likelihood of trouble. Trouble is pretty certain to come, but we don't have much chance of knowing exactly what it might be or when it might occur. There are lots of troubles that never happen at all. But she's looking toward the card that represents problems, so it's important to identify those things that are most likely to be an issue for us, and not get carried away by lots of fears and wild what-ifs.

My two real advice cards, then, seem to be 4 of Swords and 7 of Wands, as they are the ones that pull away from the quagmire of emotion in the middle. Both cards suggest protection. 4 of Swords shows a central flower encased in 4 curved scimitars. It is protected by the four interlocked blades. Similarly, 7 of Wands shows an upright wand shielded behind 6 interlocked wands. One is surrounded, the other is shielded. There may be a story in that, but either way, a lone figure is protected, which would have been quite vulnerable on its own. Both are defended.

It seems to me I should examine my current protections and look for gaps that would need to be filled by insurance coverage, rather than being led entirely by the hungry mouths of emotion.

It's interesting that no Coin cards have turned up. I suppose once you identify the type of cover you need, the money side of it is ruled entirely by ability to pay. Not much use looking at prices. Just identify cover and then buy what you can afford.

Analyse it all you want, it comes back to the first impression. All those cups cards shouted to me at once: 'Too much emotion, whether you realise it or not. Dial that back and then proceed.'

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Slow and stable

TdM Chosson 1736, Reynaud
Speaking of shysters yesterday, estate agents and mortgage advisers. Yeah, I forgot about those guys when I was contemplating the Magician.

But today is 4 of Batons, and that at least gives me a hint of the progress that will be made today: probably none. But at least things are not going backward.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Magician - Jean Noblet Tarot

Jean Noblet Tarot, Flornoy 2014
Yesterday was miserable. No air conditioning at work.  My workplace registered 32C on a thermometer we keep near the computers, and even though I did no walking, my ankle and calves broke out in the golfer's vasculitis I usually get on a midsummer long-distance walk. (Though in the last few years, this has popped up more and more and for less and less reason -- though always in warmer months.) I hate heat and so does my poor body. I went to sleep in the middle of the floor last night at 8 PM and only woke up to get in bed. So last night I actually slept 10 hours, as opposed to my usual 6. That's how depleted I was. Stupid heat.

Today we have Magician. For some reason he seems to be holding a small pink penis, though it looks rather like it might also be a digit bent backward. Whatever it is he's holding in his other hand is small and pink -- maybe he's giving a demonstration of how to put on a condom. Well, who knows what the creator of this deck was thinking in 1650 Paris. There's a lot of debate about this detail. Many think it is the result of a broken wood block. Others think it was Noblet's play on words: une verge means both rod or wand and penis, apparently. Rather than any esoteric meaning, it was probably either a mistake, or a joke. I suspect it's a joke. Some people say it has to do with 'beginnings' and 'generation', but for me, and traditionally, that is represented by the female and not the male reproductive organs. It's just a silly cock joke. 'He's holding his wand. Fnar fnar.'

He's not even the Magician, he's Le Bateilleur, a street performer. He has some of the tools of his trade on the table: dice, 3 cups and 3 peas (or that could be some sort of chain or hoop trick), a couple of knives (maybe he throws or juggles them?) and pages from a book which he probably can't read but likes to amaze his audience by either pretending to consult or reciting some memorised lines while pretending to read. It is 1650 after all, and this is a street performer, unlikely to be literate. Whatever's going on in his hands has less to do with symbols of new life and more to do with illusion and prestidigitation.  He's probably just about to make the 'coin' he's holding disappear up his quite voluminous sleeve. His routine is so well rehearsed, he can afford to look away and pay attention to something else. Maybe he's bored. Work is work, after all. It's his job to fool us, maybe even amaze us, but for him, it's just a routine.

'The function of the Magician is to make us question everything, including why we may feel uneasy about being conned. But we are also meant to question why we like being conned,' writes Camelia Elias in Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading. 'Indeed, what if the illusion of reality is more interesting than the real? What is the real? The mind is high strung when this card is present. How about winding down the stress?'

Where are you feeling conned today? Where are you conning yourself? And what is stressing you out? Move on down the street and leave 'LL Batelevr' to carry on without you.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Lead with the heart

Jean Noblet Tarot, Flornoy 2014
Yesterday I drew Knight of Cups from Dodal Tarot in answer to what I need to do for my security. I interpreted it as 'go with your gut feeling.' What could it mean for me today?

The Noblet LWB suggests that Cups represent 'priests and healers', and that 'with maturity', the individual 'will fly on his own and take responsibilities, become the horseman in the phrase: "to have in order to act". The Knight of Cups, then, has attained enough skill in healing and spirituality to act independently of others. His training wheels are off, so to speak.

I wonder what's going to happen today that I will need to have my emotional training wheels off for. Whatever it is, I should lead with my heart instead of overthinking it.

If we look at the card literally...a horse is fast, and the figure on it holds out a cup. Maybe it will be a fast-paced day in which I need to remember to drink plenty of liquids. :)

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Advice for the week

This is a reading for myself...but you could use the same technique for your own questions. First two questions are a 3-card draw (lines 1 and 2), final question is a 1-card draw (single card on right).

What is the best course of action to take this week to assure the outcome we want?
What is the best course of action for security in the future?
What is my best next step?

Tarot de Marseille Francois Chosson 1736, Yves Renaud

Be prepared to spend a lot of money; otherwise, the outcome is out of my hands.

Stability is the result of optimism, trusting in a partner, and going with gut feeling.

My next best step is to wait for the call. Nothing else to be done.

Monday, 11 July 2016

A week in the cards

White Knuckle Playing Cards, 
Good week ahead, lots of red, that's what we like! Shame about that 5 of Spades at the end, I wonder how I'll be feeling by the end of the week. (Most of the cards appear to be reversed, so I must have had the deck upside down. I am disregarding that aspect). I know a row of red cards that ends in a spade denotes delays. Something is going to stall out by Friday. 7 of Diamonds may mean a 'troubled purse'. 5 has to do with health and the body...I should be on the lookout for trouble brewing, possibly having to do with finances as it affects my relationships and/or emotions. I have a feeling this has to do with a certain political party I've joined and paid fees for. I think I may be excluded from the party because of affiliation with another party -- and it doesn't look they'll refund fees taken. Could also be pointing to a pattern of conflict about money in another area that's been happening lately. One I have no control over, but the other I can watch for signs and make an effort not to fall into the same pattern.

I intend to post thoughts each morning, then return with an update in the evening, then look at the spread in retrospect on Friday evening.

Monday  - 3 of Hearts
AM - Today's card is 3 of Hearts, which is rather like tarot 3 of Cups. Today I will work on being a good friend and watch out for how friendship unfolds around me.

PM - Evening update, I didn't notice 'friendship unfolding around me', but I did have some concerns about something at work and a few people were supportive. That's not exactly a party, but I'll take it.

Tuesday - Queen of Hearts
AM - This morning we have Queen of Hearts. Compassion. Will I be filled with love and compassion today? Or will I be in need of compassion? Maybe both?

PM - Completely unexpected outcome, but very Queen of Hearts. I found myself feeling quite overwhelmed by all the trouble going on in the world lately, and a friend suggested I try these out Free Empath Survival Programme but by that time it was 2.15 in the morning, so I'll have to try them on Wednesday.

Wednesday - 7 of Diamonds 
AM - Troubled purse. Great. I'm hoping this is just a reference to needing pocket change for the bus today. I'll check my wallet and go to the cash point on my way out.

PM - Nothing to do with my money happened yesterday -- unless it was my visit to the house where I talked to the vendors. There's always the chance the impression was made that I want to pay through the nose for it, which might trouble my purse when my mortgage advisor tries to get the price down a bit.

Thursday - 5 of Diamonds 
AM - Financial health. Greater stability is sought in finances. Hm.

PM - We got the damp report. We spent a lot of time discussing money. We were definitely discussing financial stability.

Friday - 5 of Spades 
AM - Oppositions and obstacles that are temporary.  Sometimes indicates a negative or depressed person (Cafe Astrology). Be wary of those that might make trouble for you. Do not get drawn into unnecessary disputes and arguments (Aquarian Insight). Reverses and anxieties, but eventual success (Cartomancy 101). Being at the threshold of a project; money anxiety; success in business or love after lots of hard work (Meanings of Playing Cards). Okay, so things with the house may look shaky, but with determination we will work them out.

PM - Mortgage adviser offers less to estate agent. Now we have to wait until Monday (next business day) to hear vendor's response.

Friday, 8 July 2016

We are The World

Jean Dodal Tarot, Flornoy 2009 
Hello, World! Don't see you very often in my daily draws and readings. How ya doing?  What do you have to say to me today?

Everything is perfect as it is.  (Yoav Ben-Dov, The Open Reading)

What are you, kidding me? Day before yesterday I drew the 10 of Batons -- my house buying troubles, the EU Referendum, what about those two black Americans gunned down by shrieking, panicked white police officers in the US in the last day or two, and refugees and war and famine and injustice and all those other things that I see and worry about? What about those? Now everything's perfect as it is?

I am not about the things of this world. I am The World.

Right. ...

I am the soul operating within the limitations of physical being. I represent your being 'in the world, but not of the world.' I am about finding your place in the world and discovering your oneness with everyone and everything in it. (James Ricklef, The Soul's Journey: Finding Spiritual Messages in the Tarot)

Umm. What if I don't want to be one with everything in this world?

It's not about what you want, it's about what is. You are already one with The World. I am the realisation of this. 

The world is a dangerous place. We're all in tremendous peril.

We're all having the same experience -- life and then death. There's no difference between you and everyone else. None. 

It feels like some people in the world are out to get everyone else. Or that they don't mind chewing up and spitting out others to get what they want. That's not a world I want to be a part of.

And yet in some ways you are the same. You just don't see it from the point of view of those you, even indirectly,  'chew up and spit out' to get what you want. 

Are you talking about consumerism?

Haven't you even thought about that word? What does it mean to 'consume'? Who or what is being consumed? But I don't want you to go to a dark place or feel guilty. That does not help. I want you to realise your oneness and look at things from that higher point of view. 

Oh. I just heard that there have been more shootings in Dallas. Police officers targeted by snipers. What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to feel?

Feel how you feel. Feelings are okay. I am not here to change the world, I am The World. The more who realise me, the less likely it will be that the circumstances that lead up to atrocities committed upon each other will occur. It is not for you to change the world. You cannot save it. It doesn't need saving. It needs to wake up, and that can happen only one sleeper at a time. 

This seems kind of heavy for a Friday and a daily draw.

Okay, how about this: There's a world of information out there, but the art is in knowing what to do with it (Camelia Elias, Marseille Tarot).

I can cope with that. And it gives me permission to process all the bad things in my own way. Thanks, World.

De nada.