Monday, 31 August 2015

Snake as yoga?

Postmark Lenormand, Melissa Hill 2011
The Snake just keeps turning up for me lately! Let's break down today's three card draw.

Lily + Scythe + Snake [King of Spades + Jack of Diamonds + Queen of Clubs]

The first thing that springs to mind is 'Prevent ageing by twists and turn .' ie, yoga practice

Lily = age, growing older, maturing, wisdom, peace, welfare of the family
Scythe = cut, sever, end, cut off, remove
Snake = complications, twists and turns

I probably read it this way because I've started a 30-day-in-a-row yoga practice, and because I've been reading a lot of information about forward head posture and its treatment. Today's yoga practice focused on the back and contained a lot of twisting postures.

Here's the practice I did today:

And here is a sample of what I've been learning about forward head position:

Please feel free to try out both of the videos! :)

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Wake up, close mouth, enjoy the day for what it is

Llewellyn Tarot, Anna-Marie Ferguson
The Judgement card in the Llewellyn Tarot, which is based on Welsh mythology, depicts the 'Snowdon Sleepers'. The legend holds that Arthur's battle with Mordred took place in the shadow of Snowdon, and that when he was wounded, his knights carried him to a cave where they sleep on, waiting for the time when the horn will be sounded three times, and they will rise again. It does look like someone is about to blow the horn.

This is slightly different from the traditional RWS image, in which the horn has already been sounded and the dead are rising from their tombs.

What horn has been sounded, or is about to be sounded, in my life today? What am I waking up to, or about to be waking up to?

Let's see what Lenormand can tell me. I'm using the TABI Lenormand to answer the above question with a 3-card draw:

TABI Lenormand
And I've drawn Woman + Snake + Flowers. The TABI Lenormand does not include playing card insets, but I recall that Woman is Ace of Spades, Snake is Queen of Clubs and Flowers is Queen of Spades.

Woman + Snake + Flowers = 

Woman complicates gift.
Woman complicates etiquette/good manners.
Woman hurts on a personal level self image.

Ace of Spades + Queen of Clubs + Queen of Spades =

All black cards = negativity
Two black queens = gossip (source Caitlin Matthews 'Complete Lenormand Handbook')

Today I will have opportunities to wake up to the ways in which I overthink or over-complicate what is really a good thing, often through my words. I will have the chance to realise how my behaviour and words can hurt on a personal level, both myself and others. I would do well to wake up to good manners and appreciate my gifts instead of looking for things to criticize about myself, my life, and others.

This is a daily draw, so these things will be very subtle, but just the turn of a phrase or a random thought can make a big difference.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Above and Below Lenormand Reading

In her book 'The Complete Lenormand Handbook', Caitlin Matthews describes a spread she calls 'Above and Below.' The first line describes the situation and the second line suggests ways of dealing with it. After reading those two lines of three, we then can examine vertical attendance, cornering, knighting, and v-shaped triplets, as we wish. 

Enchanted Lenormand, Caitlin Matthews (Watkins 2013)
I asked about this Bank Holiday weekend.

Line 1: Broom + Snake + Tree (Jack of Spades + Queen of Clubs + 7 of Hearts) 
Discord + complications + health ('unrestrained, speaks mind regardless of results' + 'woman demanding of her own way'  + home, emotion, love, growth, trust, encouragement)

'Discord and complications caused by troublesome woman in a health matter.'

Line 2: Stars + Man + Dog (6 of Hearts + King of Hearts + 10 of Hearts) 
Guidance + Man + Friend (all cards of Hearts suit, meaning home, emotion, love, growth, trust, encouragement)

'The man being his own guide leads to friendship.'

Vertical pairs: Broom + Stars, Snake + Man, Tree + Dog
In vertical attendance, the card on top influences the card below. Coaching. Bossy woman/complications affect man. Health friend (doctor or advisor).

Arrows: Broom + Man + Tree, Stars + Snake + Dog
Repeated health issue affects man. Guidance annoys friend.

Cornering: Broom + Dog, Tree + Stars
Trouble with a friend. Medical treatment.

The Bank Holiday weekend did actually start out last night with discord initiated by me about a health matter. I did in fact speak my mind without considering the results, dictated what I thought ought to be done, about a health matter.

The suggested action is that I should leave it alone and let him do what he wants about the health matter and the atmosphere in our home will return to harmony. Also, I see the Dog as faithfulness, so it could be saying to have some faith in the man's judgement.

I might think I'm coaching or guiding, but in fact I'm annoying the man and should leave it to the experts.

The man is having recurring health problems, and this is a cause for concern, I can help him more by being supportive than by trying to force him into action.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Shared energy

Wings of Change Lenormand, Chloe McCracken 2015 
Today's draw is Letter + Key + Snake.

Communication is key to transformation. 

I can see this pertaining to two things: I am in a couple of online groups that I haven't been participating in much lately, but I find when I do participate online, I feel more motivated to do things. Yesterday, I started posting to one of the groups, and I proposed a group activity on the other one. Being in online check-ins is a good motivation for me, as long as others are also taking part and the group is encouraging one another.

I'm excited about these fresh starts. And maybe this follows on from yesterday's 3 of Wands. :)

Let's see what an oracle has to say about this draw:

Devas of Creation by Cilla Conway, 2013
This card is called 'Nebula', and represents the coming together of the bits and bobs that create an 'interstellar nursery' for planets and stars. Wow, I like that. The guidebook continues: 'When the Deva of Nebula appears, it often signifies a high level of consciousness -- the ability to work with others in diversity and harmony to create an entirely new synthesis of ideas, creative forms, or whole systems. Ultimately then, the Consciousness formed becomes something greater than the sum of its parts.'

That's the great thing about a group. We come together and form a new thing that hadn't existed before. A group mind, a shared energy. How cool is that.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Lennie and Tarot this time

Postmark Lenormand by Melissa Hill, 2011
What a happy looking draw this is today from the Postmark Lenormand by Melissa Hill. I have drawn Sun + Hearts + Stork. That's three red cards, so today gets a big fat YES. I'm not surprised since I get to come home at 12:30 today (my time back for working Sunday). The Hearts suit is the suit of home, so that makes sense, too, as I have no plans to do anything this afternoon other than go to the doctor to get this mole or whatever it is seen about. The Storks card stands for 'improvement and upturn in health problems' (Lenormand Thirty-Six Cards, Boroveshengra, page 69), and together with Sun and Heart, this could augur a good outcome from the doctor visit.

My heart feels lighter today because of yesterday's talk with the Queen of Hearts. I feel some things that were hidden in my heart have had some light shed on them, illuminating them to myself. I really should sit down and get them on paper before I forget some of the insights I had during our conversation.

This combination of cards suggests that I have new clarity within myself to help with the changes that I know will continue to challenge me. I think Sun + Heart can also mean confidence or doughtiness.

What does the tarot offer as a comment on this draw? 

Tarot de St Croix, Devera 2013
Three of Wands from Tarot de St Croix -- I checked the guidebook just out of curiosity. It says:

'Visionary leadership will see a project flourish.'

So how do you like them apples? Certainly confirms the Lenormand draw and my view of it. How cool is that.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tarot and Lennie as a daily draw

Fountain Tarot, 2014 
My card for the day is Page of Coins from the Fountain Tarot (2014). A youth plays in a field holding a glowing coin. This suggests there will be an energy of starting from scratch on something practical and hands-on, or if not starting from scratch, being receptive to guidance, being a learner.

I was pretty sure what that pointed to because today I am getting feedback about two things: 1) a project for work -- a set of display boards with a theme of 'Local Sporting History'. The manager of that sort of thing is coming for a bi-annual branch visit and will take a look at the display and either okay it or make suggestions for improvement, and 2) I will be getting feedback today about my unsuccessful interview from a few weeks back. Come to think of it, there may be another thing, because 3) I also recently submitted some papers for a qualification I'm going for and I might receive some feedback on those in email today.

I decided to draw from Lenormand to get more details on what this Page of Coins energy is about, and I drew:

Fox + Storks + Mountain 

Blue Owl Lenormand 
Wrong + Changes + Blockage/Isolation

Queen of Hearts = woman who acts as sister, godmother or confidante

I can see that these cards might point to the first and second scenarios above, but there's nothing here about a message, so the email is unlikely.

Woman reveals what was wrong that caused the blockage.

Clever woman suggests changes regarding blockage.

ETA: This is what happened today.

I had a really useful and productive talk today with my manager about some of the troubles I'm facing at work. This is a group that is not used to being managed and are not dealing at all well with the fact that now they have two assertive managers who are not backing down from enforcing changes that have already taken place in other parts of the service, except this last bastion of redundant practice. It is a difficult time. The Fox and the Mountain are perfect for the situation, and Storks takes on the meaning of change and female confidante very well. We also had a useful talk about my interview, what went well and not so well.

Overall, I believe the cards played out as I'd thought.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Stars + Tree + Paths

ASS Lenormand
Today's draw is Stars + Tree + Paths. I just happen to know what this is likely to be about. I have this spot on an area of my skin for quite some time and it has been itching and bothering me for some time, so last night, I made an appointment online to see the doctor this week to have it checked out.

The Tree card is there, which is mostly associated with health, so that triggers me to check out the health association of the cards near it. Stars is the card for Skin. According to Andy Boroveshengra, 'Paths is a card that mitigates the tree, indicating that treatment and solutions will be found' (Lenormand Thirty-Six Cards, p 79).

Stars = skin
Tree = health, also longstanding or lengthy
Path = decision (or mitigator of Tree card)

So, 'I made a decision about dealing with my longstanding skin ailment.'

How could this pertain to today, rather than reflecting what happened last night? Maybe I will need to make a decision today about something long-term.

I will report back in the PM with anything that fulfilled these cards (or not).

ETA: Nothing happened today that seemed to me to fulfill these cards. Oh well! Can't hit it every day.