Welcome to Rowan Tarot...

...let me show you into my little corner of the internet. Have a seat. Hope you're ready to have your story told.

I'm Carla, and I'm a reader. Or cartomantic storyteller. Or weaver of words from images (and images from words).

I love language, stories and pictures. I love the real questions, from the deepest to the most mundane. And most of all I love clarity, crystal clear and true like a ringing bell.

I also love the cards. I love the way they feel in my hands, the sound as I shuffle them, the ancient, prismatic images of them, like stained glass, timeless yet fresh, elusive yet steadfast.  Friends.

Most of all, I love the stories they tell, every story different, in endless permutation. I can see those stories from the images clearly, and I will craft the words to convey those stories to you in the 'most direct and precise reading style of anyone you have ever encountered', to quote feedback from one happy customer.


I was born in the United States in 1967 and moved to the UK in 2002. I took up the work of tarot reader shortly after.

I have always been a reader. It's been the calling of my life.  I was a teacher of English literature, then later a librarian. Words, story, and images have been everything to me; they are my world.

My philosophy  

I approach the cards with curiosity, and weave what I find there into a story that addresses your question.  I make no claims about why or how Tarot works, or about myself, other than that I can see your story when I lay the cards on the table. I am not so much a conduit as a synthesiser, or an alchemist  -- I combine cartomantic tradition with what unfolds before me through the imagery of the cards, in the context of your question, and I spell it out for you in words. It just works.

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