Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Chariot

Morgan Greer Tarot 
Thoughts on the Chariot from various sources

The Chariot: a closer look

A Chariot reading: Part 1

A Chariot reading: Part 2 

I've been looking back at old blog entries a bit lately. Seems a shame for them to lie buried in my blog, never again to see the light of day. So I will probably be digging them up a bit, when I remember.

I also have dug out an old favourite deck, Morgan Greer Tarot. I've been using the PCS Commemorative a lot lately, only because it's been open and on my desk and I can't be asked to select a different one. So I've replaced it with the Morgan Greer, and that will be the one I use for a while.

As my card of the day, I hope this shows the day moving forward with all speed, getting things done and getting back home. I don't want any complications today that I can't trample over. It's one of those kind of moods today.

Hope your Tuesday goes smoothly, too!

Monday, 30 May 2016

He's not ADD, he's autotelic: Page of Wands

The Page of Wands is Bart Simpson to me, though I might need to get a more contemporary association, as Bart is becoming a bit outdated now! He is definitely a little minx, with his Earth of Fire elemental affinity. In some decks, he offers advice to follow your heart, which is certainly an Earth of Fire thing to do, and your heart will usually lead you to an activity, probably physical or at least manipulating things in the material realm, that you have a lot of feeling about. Also, traditionally he is seen as the bringer of messages.

But going back to that 'follow your heart' meaning, the Page of Wands reminds me of a term I learned about this weekend: 'flow', also known as 'optimal experience'.

'Flow' is described in a book called Flow: The Psychology of Happiness by Mihaly Csikszeatmahalyi. The state of 'flow' happens under very specific conditions: when we encounter a challenge that is testing of our skills, yet our skills and capacity are such that it is just about possible to meet this challenge. Flow becomes a balance between ability and challenge, which leads to complete immersion in an activity, high concentration, quick and precise feedback on how you're doing, having your abilities stretched but not overwhelmed, loss of sense of self, trance-like state of being in the moment, losing track of time. Most daily activities can lead to 'flow', as long as the situation is sufficiently complex to activate the high challenge/high skill condition. Flow is a rare occurrence in housework, idling, resting, or watching TV. (Damn.)

But this explains why the Page of Wands is such a little tear-about. He's constantly moving from optimal experience to optimal experience. He also seems to have something of an 'autotelic' personality.

'Autotelic' is made up of two Greek root words: auto = self, telos = goal. 'Own goal' -- but not in the football sense (which is a bad thing), but in the psychological sense (which is a good thing), where 'autotelic' means 'having a purpose in and not apart from itself,' or '(of an activity or creative work) having an end or purpose in itself'. The autotelic personality generally does things for the sake of doing them, rather than in order to achieve some later external goal. These people develop skills that help them get into the flow state frequently, skills like curiosity, interest in life, persistence, and low self-centredness. The autotelic personality has the desire to perform activities for intrinsic reasons only, and not to earn a gold star, get a blue ribbon, or receive a qualification. Thus, the autotelic personality, like the Page of Wands, can appear to have a short attention span or lack task commitment because he starts a project and never finishes it, moving on to the next thing. But that is because he's got what he wanted to get out of that experience, and now he's found something new to absorb his interest and concentration. And he doesn't care if you think he's a quitter, because he doesn't care about getting your 'Well done for finishing' badge. He might enjoy finishing if he's stayed in a flow state to the end of something, but he's not necessarily going to stick with something just for the sake of completion. It's not important to him. (This might also explain the 'Again! Again!' response to an activity. If he's still flowing, he wants to keep flowing, and it doesn't matter if the game is over!)

I can relate to that!

Is there anything you're doggedly hanging on to that is not fulfilling to you anymore? Maybe you could be a little Page of Wandsy and leave it, let yourself go find a new thing you'd rather be doing -- try it! You might like it!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

A reading in the park

Chloe and I were sitting under a tree today in a local park. She'd just done a reading for herself and she suggested I do a draw she'd read about from Lisa Eddy:

'What truth will set me free?
How will it first piss me off?'

You can see I have drawn Moon and 10 of Cups.

So... what truth will set me free -- confusion, murkiness, something hidden. I was perplexed.

'Life is murky that is just the way it is. Learn from the murkiness, like the crayfish emerging from the depths,' Chloe suggested. 'Out of the mud, the lotus,' I put in, 'and all that malarkey,' I added, waving my hands around. She laughed.

We turned our attention to that 10 of Cups -- the same card I drew yesterday morning. 'It will piss me off because life isn't "Leave it to Beaver"', I said. We stared at the card. 'And I'm not June Cleaver in her string of pearls. This card shows how things are supposed to be -- perfectly clear, a nuclear family, a rainbow, a little house, and everyone happy. It pisses me off that life isn't like that? But I'm one of the most cynical people I know -- I thought I'd dealt with all this already.'

'Maybe it pisses you off that sometimes life IS like that,' Chloe suggested. Brief silence.

'Or maybe there are still things that I expect to be perfect and clear, and it pisses me off that they aren't. I will revisit this later,' I said.

And now it's later, and now a more literal interpretation seems plain.

We went to the Staffordshire Pagan Conference today, and obviously I had expected a certain level of competence from the event -- I had, after all, drawn the 10 of Cups yesterday and sung 'Good Day Sunshine' in anticipation of the event. Yesterday WAS  a fun day in Lichfield. It's a pretty city, and we had a nice meal out.

Then today, we arrived at the venue for conference and there was no signage, no greeter, nothing! But we asked around and found it upstairs.

The venue was set out with chairs facing a stage in the middle, flanked on either side by rows of vendor stalls. Behind the audience was a bar, and behind one row of vendor stalls, a food stall. Everything in one room! This did not bode well, but as Chloe pointed out, we've been to tarot conferences with stalls in the room. It can be done. (Though the addition of a food stall and bar is questionable!)

The organiser did nothing to establish order at start time, he did not call the room to attention, he did not ask participants to find a seat in the audience, and he did not say anything about refraining from shopping the stalls until breaks and lunches. So no one listened to him introduce the first speaker, they just carried on jostling each other at the stalls and talking and laughing loudly. No one listened to the first speaker, who rambled on without once trying to get the attention of the room. We couldn't hear a thing.

I went and complained to the organiser who apologised, but suggested that people would be quieter for other speakers. I suggested it was very rude of them to carry on ignoring the speaker like that. He said he would try to get them to be quieter. When the next speaker was up, the girl who introduced her asked for quiet 'as the speech progresses', but the noise had not died down to indicate anyone was listening to her introduction, and it didn't die down for the second speaker's presentation, either. Couldn't hear a thing. Members of the audience were getting up and wandering away, and by this time they'd opened the bar! Raucous laughter, people getting sandwiches, people milling around the stalls, an echo-y microphone and presenters showing no skills in controlling an audience -- it was nerve wracking. We couldn't take it so we left at 11.45!

That's how we ended up in the park, on a beautiful day, doing tarot readings, a much more edifying experience by far.

So yeah -- murkiness and confusion is a truth about life. I wanted to learn something today, I wanted to hear something I'd never heard before, I wanted some nugget of truth or bit of information that could lead to something new for me. And it didn't happen,  and that did piss me off. But you know, the truth about life is, sometimes sh*t like that just happens. In fact, it happens an awful lot. Things that ought to be good turn out to be disappointing. It pisses you off because you can see how easily it could have been made better, but it wasn't. But you know -- them's the breaks as they say. And if nothing else, today was a lesson in patience, and rolling with it. That includes unnecessarily long wait times between train connections and disappointing porridge. LOL

Friday, 27 May 2016

10 of Cups

Good day, sunshine.
Good day, sunshine.
Good day, sunshine.

I need to laugh
And when the sun is out
I've got something I can laugh about.
I feel good
In a special way
I've got love and it's a sunny day.

Good day, sunshine.
Good day, sunshine.
Good day, sunshine.

I take a walk
The sun is shining down
Burns my feet as they touch the ground.


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Ace of Wands

Yesterday's Knight of Cups turned out to be my emotional world -- mood swing-o-rama! I think I'm getting the first dose of perimenopausal hormones and let me tell you it's not pretty. 

Anyway, today it's Ace of Wands. I ain't feeling too bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning, though, so I wonder what on earth this refers to. Maybe I'll perk up after breakfast, though not likely because we're out of coffee this morning -- perfect! At least the porridge was nice; I found some almond milk on special offer at Heron Frozen Food for 2 for £1 and made it with 1/3 milk to 2/3 water, with some ground almonds and honey. 

But I digress. What could the Ace of Wands mean for me today? Traditionally, Ace of Wands means a fresh beginning, new course of action. I've written it in my new bujo (bullet journal) and we'll see what happens today, then! 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Revisiting the Knight of Cups

Here's someone I don't see everyday! The Knight of Cups. Oh, I've talked about him now and then. I think I'll take a look at past impressions of Mr Moonbeams:

Those Cups. They're just so deep: Cosmic Tarot.

Grail Shrimp: Deviant Moon Knight of Cups. 

You have chosen wisely: Haindl Prince of Cups.

Crashing to the shore: Prince of Cups Thoth. 

I remember you: Knight of Cups Greenwood Tarot.

Splash a little holy water on your jaded soul: Knight of Cups Vampire Tarot

Androgynous much? Wheel of the Year Tarot.

Unabashedly odd and loving it: Chrysalis Knight of Mirrors.

Don't feed the plant! Crystal Tarot.

What do you think of the Knight of Cups? Is he a hopeless romantic? I've OFTEN compared him to that kid who films the carrier bag in American Beauty. Here he is:

Oh no! Romeo!

Ricky in American Beauty: 'Sometimes there's so much...beauty...in the world...I feel like I can't take it, and my heart is just going to cave in.' -- Perfect Knight of Cups sentiment.

Monday, 23 May 2016

That'll learn ya, durn ya -- 9 of Wands

Do you have a card that makes you feel wary as soon as you turn it over? I guess that's a natural reaction to this card, as the figure in it certainly looks wary.

I'm hoping this is a residual effect of my very strange weekend in the world of Facebook. It all started late Friday night when a friend of mine mentioned her 'Bullet Journal' in a status update. I asked what it was and she sent me this link: bulletjournal.com. Now, I love planners and am always on the lookout for a new one to try. This system seemed streamlined and quirky and would involve buying a new blank book (because clearly the several on my shelves would never do!) I was in! I read the whole thing on the website, then watched this You Tube: How to Bullet Journal.  That was amazing! So simple and streamlined! No folderols and fuss. Completely adaptable. I liked it a lot. My friend directed me to a Facebook group called Bullet Journal Junkies. I visited, but was disheartened to see that hobby crafters had latched on to the Bullet Journal name and made it about buying loads of stickers and doing hand lettering, and not much else. Many people photographed their 'spreads' (which seemed rather a departure from the Bullet Journal concept I'd just been introduced to) and lamented their lack of time or commitment to actually filling them in. What? Okay. After looking for a group that was actually following the original method, I decided to just start one called 'Minimalist Bullet Journals.' Within 24 hours, over 500 people had joined. I was unprepared for this, I'd only just heard of the Bullet Journal concept that same day, and everyone seemed to have strong feelings about...everything. It's a dangerous proposition to jump into the middle of a fetish property, but seriously -- who knew? I quickly appointed 8 admins. By last night, there were 800 members. People were instant messaging me about 'stuff'. I decided this was all a bit too much considering all I had wanted was to chat about what amounts to a glorified 'to do' list, so I handed the reins over to the admins and withdrew from the group. That will teach me to jump in with both feet!!

So yeah, Wary Larry there has just been through some sort of wringer and now he's on the lookout. I feel ya, Larry! ;)