Friday, 22 September 2017

Mabons past

I started this blog seven years ago, and have been pretty faithful to it, with some fallow periods (such as the current one). I did a quick search for previous Autumn Equinox posts and found these:

2012 - for the Tarot Blog Hop (I wonder if that's still running) - Choosing a card to represent 'the hidden god' (I don't own any of those decks anymore - but you may notice I mention disliking the word 'resonate' in this entry, too!)

2012 - my first reading with the Wicca Moon Tarot (which I still have)

2013 - a Lenormand square of 9 (with a deck I no longer have)

2014 - look at Sally Morningstar's Wicca Deck (which I still have)

2014 - from the old 'Share a Spread Sunday' series I did for a time (back when I used to do 'spreads')

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Update on the specs

I picked up the specs yesterday and the optician told me to take them away and try them. He didn't even charge me for them! So we went for a walk around the town and I was fine with my vision, though the addition of a prism in one lense proved something to get used to.

The trouble started when we went into Sainsbury's. I then learned how much I actually use the mid and close distance parts of my lenses in the varifocal specs. By the end of the visit to the shop, much swearing had taken place as I picked up an item, it blurred out, and I had to lift the specs to see it. F**k that!

I phoned this morning to say single vision is OUT and I want progressive lenses, I went in and the technician measured me and we agreed I would get Varilux Physio 2.0 lenses with anti-glare coating. I'm very pleased as I've wanted to try the Varilux lenses, which are considered top of the line for progressive lenses. I was advised with my prescription, which isn't that strong, a higher spec lense (bespoke, tailored) would not be of significant benefit. So now I just wait for them to come back!

Yesterday's reading holds true -- especially the Queen of Cups, as the folk in this practice could not be more accommodating, friendly and supportive.

I look forward to getting my new glasses, and I know if something is wrong, they will look after me. :)

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Will I like my new specs?

For the last few months, I've been wearing my specs on a string around my neck. Why, you may ask? My varifocal lenses from SpecSavers have stopped 'focaling'. :) I'm quite near-sighted, and I don't need glasses to see things close up, only far away. Trying to see my computer screen or read a book through the varifocals was a pain. I'd search and search for the 'sweet spot' only to find that if I pulled the glasses off altogether, I could see much more clearly. Admittedly, the varifocals come in handy for a quick glance at something without having to take my glasses off, but for close work of more than a glance, I have to drop them.

So, I went to an actual optician, recommended by a work colleague, instead of SpecSavers, and he told me that the distance lenses they'd given me are too strong, and suggested that since I can see 'crystal clear' without specs up close, why not just use single vision lenses and keep taking them off, since I am doing that already. I agreed with him, since he said if I have any problems to come back and we'd go from there. Fair enough.

I received a text yesterday saying that my specs are ready and to pick them up today. I am nervous. I've worn varifocals for several years now. There's not going to be a sweet spot for a quick glance at anything, even if it is slightly blurry with the varifocals. I'll have to pull my glasses off every time I want to see something. The question is, am I already doing this more than I realise? Or am I going to find that I'm not doing it as much as I think I am? And how long is it going to take for my brain to adjust to single vision lenses now that it's got used to viewing the world through the admittedly very odd refraction of varifocals? (The second pair of varifocals I got, this pair, took me forever to get used to. I didn't think I'd learn to cope, but suddenly, my brain just made the switch. Can it switch back?)

I don't know why I'm so nervous, I can always go and get varifocals again if I decide I need them. If you know me, you know I just do this. Worry, worry, worry.

So I pulled a card from CBD Tarot: how will I get on with my glasses?

 7 of Coins. Here's what the LWB says:

'Acceptance. Something new is well received. Help and protection. Integrating into a system without losing one's individuality.'

I blogged about the meaning behind this card here over a year ago.

I drew a second card and got Queen of Cups. She faces the 7 of Coins and her line of sight is directly toward it. She gives it a loving look. I believe I will get on fine with the new glasses, and if I don't, Queen of Cups reassures me that I will receive support from the opticians, friendly and nurturing service.

I do hope I don't take too long to acclimate to the single vision lenses - No falling down the stairs for me, please!

I pick them up today, I'll report back. :)

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

I'm still around and I still read

Hi all

I just wanted to give you a wave and say I'm still around and I still read cards, I just don't blog much at this point in my life. Since switching to Tarot de Marseille and playing cards as my primary reading decks, and it must be said my reading style has also evolved along with this switch, I don't feel the need to talk so much about decks. But this could change. However, I still offer readings, so feel free to order.

On another front, I've joined Weight Watchers and so far have lost 5 lbs. Just another 50-something to go, then! :)

Happy Autumn Equinox, if I don't see you again before the day! x

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

For study - The Three Steps playing card spread

'The Three Steps' Dawn R Jackson - White Knuckle playing cards
In this blog entry, I'm just working my way through Dawn R Jackson's example of her playing card layout, The Three Steps. This spread is laid out 1-11 on the bottom row, 12-18 on second row, 19-22 on the third row, and 23 on top. It is read in trios, by counting off in sevens, with the seventh card in sequence serving as the middle card of the trio.

Okay, so counting forward from the first card, the first trio is Jack of Hearts - 3 of Spades - 3 of Diamonds. They follow thus:

First Ascent
Jack of Hearts - 3 of Spades - 3 of Diamonds (6 7 8)
Queen of Spades - 6 of Hearts - 4 of Spades (13 14 15)
10 of Diamonds - 4 of Clubs - 2 of Hearts (20 21 22)

Second Ascent
5 of Clubs - 2 of Diamonds - Jack of Hearts (4 5 6)
8 of Hearts - 7 of Spades - 6 of Spades (10 11 12)
10 of Spades - Jack of Spades - Ace of Hearts (17 18 19)

Third Ascent
10 of Hearts - Jack of Diamonds - Queen of Diamonds (1 2 3)
3 of Diamonds - King of Hearts - 8 of Hearts (7 8 9)
4 of Spades - Ace of Diamonds - 10 of Spades (15 16 17)

'The Surprise' 
2 of Hearts - 9 of Hearts - 10 of Hearts (22 23 1)

When reading the trio, you can seek clarification on it by viewing the card above the middle of the trio.

Dawn R Jackson's interpretation:

There doesn't appear to be a question in this reading (something I personally never do - no reading without a question is my policy.) The first trio is Dawn trying to figure out the subject of the reading. She says the seeker is interested in dating someone and getting closer to that person but has not been very successful (6 of Hearts above informed of the love interest). Apparently a date has been broken.

Queen of Spades is interpreted as the love interest - she's got a lot of problems and while she may not be uninterested in the seeker, she's just tired and consumed by the crap going on in her life at the moment.

The third trio is seen as advice - don't give up, the desired deepening emotional bond might be achieved with persistence. 4 of Clubs being a place, combined with 2 of Hearts, a museum or theatre is indicated. Combined with 10 of Diamonds (a lot of money), Dawn decides it's a theatre, and suggests inviting the love interest to a show which is part of package deal included transportation to an out-of-town theatre. (Two 10s in close proximity indicating a journey). An alternate or additional reading of this trio is that the financial deal the seeker is working on is stable and will work out harmoniously.

The second ascent, first trio, sees the seeker heeding the advice to keep plodding away, and he will keep asking her out, and keep getting turned down, though with the occasional acceptance.

8 Hearts - 7 Spades - 6 Spades is interpreted to mean that the seeker's thoughts of love get more and more negative. He is ready to walk away. She's giving too many mixed signals. The mystery behind this is solved, says Jackson, by the Jack of Spades above 7 of Spades.

The primary concern of Queen of Spades is her home and child. She is worried about him because he is feeling depressed and lonely. She believes that he is hiding something (7 of Spades below) and it may be failing grades or other bad thing (10 of Spades). A new relationship (2 of Hearts above Jack of Spades) is not the best idea right now, she thinks. However, this trio is red, showing a light at the end of the tunnel for the seeker. Things will get better.

As the Jack of Spades' outlook begins to improve (a red card above him), the Seeker's emotional situation will grow more fair. The Queen of Spades has become the Queen of Diamonds, and Jack of Spades improves to Jack of Diamonds, showing more sociable and better outlooks. The bodes well for the seeker's happiness (10 of Hearts). An alternate or additional reading of this trio is that the seeker will be invited to the wedding of a younger couple.

With his relationship in hand, the seeker is next confronted with lack of stability in a new financial venture which will become of great concern. There will be a lot of delay and worry and possibly a lawsuit. Travel plans (two 10s) should be carefully made. A secondary reading is mentioned from Ace Diamonds -10 Spades  -- a destructive fire! It's not a house fire (Ace of Hearts is not over the Ace of Diamonds), but still. That's a heck of a thing to report!

The 'surprise' is a fair one - his wish is granted and he enters a harmonious relationship and is married.


This was a lot to take in, which is why I decided to talk my way through Dawn's interpretations first. It's an interesting story she weaves. 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

The devil his due

Fournier Tarot de Marseille
Funny I should draw this card this morning, as I was just reading about it in Tarot Triumphs by Cherry Gilchrist before I logged on.

You may notice the TdM Diable is not particularly 'Satanic', as you'd see in some later decks, such as Morgan Greer or even Rider Waite Smith. Neither is he the 'misrepresented Pan' figure of natural carnality seen in decks such as Druidcraft or Tarot of the Hidden Realm. Here, Diable is a 'squat, hairy creature' based on 'a stock type devil originating with the Persians or Egyptians and reach us via Byzantine art', according to Gilchrist.  She says the traditional TdM Devil is a 'stupid, comic type devil,' because mocking him reduces his power, and this technique was widely used by medieval monks in their illuminations.

Gilchrist gives what I consider a contemporary interpretation of the Devil. In some instances, we spend so much time giving the devil his due, we forget he's actually not a very nice guy at all. Gilchrist does not fall into this trap. 'People or situations that are diminishing our capacity to act, think, or have a chance of becoming free, we must first recognise that we are enslaved...a situation of very limited choice.'  She says nothing about carnal appetites being neither good nor evil and how misunderstood the Horned One has been. Thankfully.

I wonder what the Devil card signified to 15th century folk who saw it either in a tarocchi game or in divination. I wonder what it meant to readers down the centuries, before Golden Dawn and other 'esoteric' schools latched on to Tarot.

But these are just idle thoughts, because our minds are not the minds of 15th century folk, and it would be silly to think that Tarot interpretations that meant something to them would mean anything to us. Our life experience and the way we find meaning in it are really entirely different. (Notice I didn't use the word 'resonate'. Shudder.)

So I guess today I need to be aware that there may be unpleasant choices to be made, and there will invariably come a time to pay the piper.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Times they are a-changing

I've got my collection down to 30 tarot decks and 29 oracles. This is down from a peak collection of around 200 decks total. There are still several decks I could get rid of that I never use.

Most of the money raised from the deck collection have gone into the board game collection, which has gone from 0 in February to 37 (45 if you include expansions to base games). We're very much enjoying our new hobby. It's nice to have something we can do together.