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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A spread based on a musical: Rocky Horror Picture Show

I came across the idea of using the songs from 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' to make a card spread while browsing at Aeclectic Tarot.* I love the idea, so created my own version, using the songs in the order they appear in the show, and laying out the cards in the shape of lips. 

Rocky Horror Spread

1) Science Fiction Double Feature -- What influence from your past colours the way you see and experience everything to this day? (In the way that science fiction B movies did for the narrator of this song)

2) Dammit Janet -- What do you feel passionate about in the here and now?

3) Over at the Frankenstein Place (There's a Light) -- What has suddenly emerged that might be of help to you? (Or does it just seem helpful? Could it be harmful?)

4) Sweet Transvestite -- Who is the real you?

5) I Can Make You a Man -- What is your greatest strength/skill?

6) Sword of Damocles -- What is your biggest fear?

7) Rose Tint My World -- What is your greatest desire, ie, you don't want to dream it, but be it.

8) I'm Going Home -- What outcome would be the most deeply satisfying to you?

* (Thanks to FantasyWorld at AT, for the original idea to use songs from RHS to make a spread!) 

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