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Friday, 20 April 2012

1st GT -- Near and Far

To finish my first Grand Tableau, I had a look at where the cards were in relation to each other. To my surprise, I began to get messages from all over the board and so instead of doing a 'card analysis', the best I could do was jot notes. In the GT for the next four weeks, I saw:

  • Niggling, repetitive thoughts about money
  • A decision about socializing with work colleagues
  • A change involving a powerful female at work; the change brings more stability but also lots of nervous chatter and anxiety.
  • House guests.
  • The Key is in the House of Birds. The Key seems to be an answer to a problem with a female, and its being in the House of Birds suggests chatter is key. Perhaps it means, to stay quiet.
  • Husband in House of Bear, with Ring beside it. Strong commitment, support from that source.
  • Bear in House of Lady. Possible confirmation of deep connection with Husband. Also suggests strength on my part. 
  • Lady in House of Clover--despite all these cards showing decisions and doubts around me, I don't think they will have a strong effect on me personally, but I will remain upbeat.
And that's that, really. Now to watch over the next 4 weeks and see how these manifest.

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