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Thursday, 19 April 2012

My first Grand Tableau

This is an image of my first Grand Tableau. I am spread out in the floor with it, with AndybC's notes at hand (I spent several hours last night carefully writing them up in my journal) and I am about to dive in to it. This could take hours. My timing for this is 4 weeks from today, 19 Apr - 16 May, roughly corresponding to the period of new Hare Moon to new Honey Moon.

Melissa Lenormand 2nd Edition 2011, my 1st GT

I will probably put the various stages of this reading in a series of posts: the First Cut, the First Three Cards, The 4 Corners, Finding the Querent Card, Destiny Cards, The Lines, and 'Near and Far'. I will probably stop there, though I might have a go at Divisions and Houses. This could take days! :)


  1. I used to study the Lenormand a long time ago... it is an incredibly popular deck here in Brazil. But then I stopped and forgot almost all about it. Still, I never dared to try the Grand Tableau! I can't wait to see how you'll interpret it, looks so complex! ;-)

  2. I don't know any readers in person in my daily life, but everyone has heard of tarot here, while no one seems to have heard of Lenormand. Bit more obscure. But I must admit, I like working on it. It is sort of like sudoku for cartomancers. ha

  3. Hi Carla

    I looked at it in the evening and then my internet started troubling and I couldn't post so I saved the interpretation in a text file. Here pasting it now :)

    Hi Carla

    here is my take at the GT

    First three cards: Stars + Lady + Rider

    This looks like you are hoping for someone to visit you this month. The Rider is in house of ship, so probably someone from far away.Stars is in house of Rider so you are definitely expecting someone.

    The Four Corners: Stars+Anchor+ Ship + Tree

    There is a strong hope for settling down some matter which effects the long term. The Anchor grounds the Ship and Tree also talks about long-term things.
    Stars+Ship = spiritual guidance
    Tree+Anchor = stagnant life, long-term projects, if you have a job then you will find some long-term goals being stated.

    Lady is in house of Clover, so you are quite happy and cheerful. In house of Lady is Bear, you are strong and powerful this month. Not to mention Clover is having Bear next too, so expect some great amount of luck befalling you this month.

    In Past, you have done some spiritual work, you have been having spiritual guidance, hopes , dreams, new endeavours (Stars).
    There also had been some illness or short-lived pain in your not so recent past (Coffin, left diagonal).

    In future: Rider-Sun-Letter-Mountain- Cross-Ship

    Looks like the person you have been expecting or who was to visit you informs you of some delays, but eventually they will take up the journey. Rider is usually a young man. With Sun, he is someone jolly, energetic and charismatic.

    In farther future: Lady- Snake-Scythe- Bear - Child

    This looks good because the problems in your way will be taken care of (Scythe) and there is a new found power and energy. may be some cash as well.

    Fate line: Book-Dog-Bouquet-Child

    I would have loved to see the spine or pages side of the Book whether it is facing the Dog or not. Book-Dog I assume is a friend you already know and they present you will a small gift/offer.

  4. I'm glad to see our results are quite similar, Alyna. This gives me hope I am on the right track. :) x Thank you for looking at my spread. That was really nice of you.