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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mantra and Tarot: Devil, Tower, Star

Devil: Narasimha tavada so hum
Narasimha is an avatar of Vishnu who defeats evil influences that rule the earth. It is the principle for destroying the seemingly indestructible. Narasimha is invoked to gain freedom from evil situations. The Devil caard can indicate a narrow materialistic view of life, any form of misery, feeling chained or imprisoned, with the illusion that no alternatives are possible. Obsessions, slavery to desires, morally repugnant acts. Feelings of shame for giving in to those desires.

Suggested crystal: smoky quartz, which helps overcome fear of failure.

Tower: Om krim kalikayei namaha
'Om to Kali'. Kali is the goddess of Time and Change. Her name means 'The black one', and she is a figure of annihilation. She is the foremost of the ten fierce Tantric goddesses. The mantra (and its stronger version, Om hrim klim adya Kalika parma eshwari swaha) cuts through illusion and brings intense, unnerving, uncomfortable and disruptive changes, effective in a very short amount of time. It cuts through some cherished part of our ego attachments. Similarly, the Tower indicates a period of upheaval, the destruction of long-established beliefs or situations. It can also mean a flash of enlightenment.

Suggested crystal: titanium quartz, which has a starburst color effect, or lodestone, which is associated with magnetism, thus can attract or repel as needed.

Star: Om asatoma sat gamaya, tamasoma jyotir gamaya, mritorma amritam gamaya
'Om, from the not-true to the true lead us, from the dark to the light lead us, from death to immortality lead us.' The Star speaks of openness, wholeness and healing. Inner calm and peace. The unconscious activated, in a very benign way.

Suggested crystal: lapis lazuli, associated with the third eye, truth and enlightenment.

(All images from Morgan Greer Tarot)

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