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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Super Sweet Blogger Nomination

I have been nominated twice for a Super Sweet Blogger Award, once by Chloe of Inner Whispers, and now by Kerry of Neopagan Priestess! Both blogs are wonderful places and I'm really chuffed to be nominated by both bloggers. The rules are you have to answer these questions and nominate some blogs of your own (13 actually) so here we go:

2. Super Sweet Questions

Cookies or Cake? Well, I will eat anything put before me, but I do love a really good piece of chocolate cake. It's harder than you think to find a really excellent chocolate cake, though. They are rare. So let's go for a nice fat Boaster. That's always good.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
In most things, chocolate. But in frozen desserts, vanilla. 

What is your favorite sweet treat?
Oh lord, how could I name one? Favorite??? I have no earthly idea. Although I have to say, the Dorset Apple Cake from the Phoenix Bakery in Weymouth was probably the best cake I've had in a very, very long time.

When do you crave sweet things the most?

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?
Hubby calls me Sweet Chili Chicken.

3. My Baker's Dozen
I'll have to nominate a half dozen favourites, I'm afraid... (Please find links to each blog in my favorites in the right hand column).

Chloe at Inner Whispers -- Like Old Faithful, Chloe never misses a day. Her weekly deck reviews are like clockwork. Chloe always makes interesting connections when examining her card of the day.

LeFanu at My Curious Cabinet -- A most fascinating cartomantic collection and wonderful insights.

Alison at This Game of Thrones -- Exploring the tarot courts with pop culture references and great humour.

Kerry at Neopagan Priestess -- Kerry's devotion to the Tarot of the Sidhe will make anyone a fan of this remarkable deck.

Prince Lenormand at Prince Lenormand -- This is tarot journaling at its best, a true exploration of the meaning to be found in Prince Lenormand's daily life, leading to deep tarot insights. For me, this journal writing style is aspirational. Someday when I'm grown up, I would like to have a shelf full of once blank books filled with this sort of personal reflection. 

AJ at Quirkeries -- There is a quiet dignity about these brief daily posts, always accompanied by the most apt quotation imaginable. The blog is more about what is unsaid than what is said, and that is a remarkable skill. 

Thank you, Kerry and Chloe!


  1. Thank you Carla, for your kind words and thinking of me.

    I'm glad you dropped by Quirkeries, I didn't realize your blog was active again. I'm now following.