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Monday, 1 October 2012

Upside down, boy you turn me

Wicca Moon Tarot by Shirlee@Wicca Moon
I've drawn Hanged Man again today!
Rachel Pollack: 'The peace of acceptance; a direct image of peace and understanding. A message of independence. Being who you are, even if others think you have everything backward. Being deeply connected to life, feeling at peace.' (Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom)
Oh, ho! Does that match with what I've been thinking about recently! I might as well tell you there's an online community where I spend a lot of time, and lately I've not been feeling entirely good about it. A few particularly opinionated posters had me feeling quite down. So I decided to just stop going to certain parts of the site. Even though, strangely, the thought of curtailing my online activity makes me feel uneasy. (That in itself is a good sign that it needs doing).

May I remain true to myself. May I trust the way I see my world, regardless of how 'upside down' I may look to 'others'.

Shante prashante sarva bhaya upashamani swaha


  1. Like this alternative take on the Hanged Man. Good to remember that this card doesn't always have to be about getting stuck, etc.

  2. I agree with Bonkers; the alternative interpretation about seeing the world from a different perspective and having others view you as the odd person out because of it (or just having a strong sense of your own isolation, even if others don't) really works for this card. It certainly works for me.

    This year, I have drawn the Hanged Man--a card I cannot remember ever having drawn in a self-reading in over ten years before--not only several times, but more than any other Trump in my history of self-readings. Yes, the traditional ideas of willing suspension and sacrifice apply a great deal to my life now, but now that you mention it/post about it here...so too does Pollack's other take on it. And after all, the two sets of interpretations are really not so far apart, are they?