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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Lenormand Draw 3 of 7: Pixie's Lenormand

What is happening with me today?

AM (6.52)
Key focus: Birds (chatter, communication (esp phone), anxiety)
Prediction: Chatter/anxiety from an older woman will prove annoying today (minor annoyance). Alt interpretation: phone call regarding illness of older woman.

PM (16.46)
Accuracy: HIGH
What happened in relation to cards: As soon as I got to work, someone was talking about you-know-who, and it wound me up. Then, the phone rings and one of our staff has had her MOTHER ring in sick on her behalf. I was quite annoyed by this, as we do not employ her mother. My original prediction was 'a phone call regarding sickness of an older woman', when it fact it was a phone call from an older woman (or in this case, a mother, which bear can mean in my way of seeing the cards) regarding a sickness.To cap it off, I was then annoyed early on today on several occasions by the very older woman I predicted this morning.  And all three of these scenarios seem evident in this morning's draw. And all three proved to me momentary annoyances that I was able to shrug off.
Observations: Interesting! The other scenario I thought of this morning would be that I would receive a phone call today telling me my own mother is ill. Knock wood, that hasn't happened yet.

Added Bonus for the day I received Titania' Fortune Cards today at work and decided to try them out with a three-card draw about the afternoon. 'What will happen to me today between 2 and 4 o'clock?' I asked, and drew:

Mountain + Scythe + Path

I interpreted this to mean there would be an obstacle that I would have to make a decision on before the day was through. By 2.30, I had had to sort out some misunderstandings and misdirection that staff were giving each other by taking each one to the side and reminding them that I am the one in charge. This is an unusual occurrence for a Saturday afternoon. So that's two accurate readings in one day.

I am chuffed. I wonder if Andybc will read this.


  1. Wow, you're rocking with these predictive Lenormand readings!

    Will be interested to hear what you think of Titania's cards. They were my first Lenormand, but I never really liked the artwork that much. I just got the Judith Bärtschi Lenormand, and am loving it! Will post with it tomorrow...

  2. I am pleased as well, Chloe, because I am not that good at using tarot as a predictive tool, it is my hope that Lenormand will be the oracle that I develop that skill with.

    There is no way mere mortals can keep up with you on the new deck acquisition front. I envy both your tarot fund and your storage space! :D I look forward to seeing scans of your new Judith Bartschi deck. (Someday I have to learn how to type an umlaut).