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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Helper Bee

Servants of the Light Tarot, Aquarian Press 1991
I was going to do just a one-card draw today, but as soon as I turned over Giver of Staves in the Servants of the Light Tarot (Aquarian Press 1991), I had a strong impression that this reading is about Hubby's mum, and so I turned over the next two cards. The Giver of Staves in Servants of the Light is equivalent to Queen of Swords in regular RWS decks. This is because the elemental attributions of Swords and Wands (Weapons and Staves in this deck) have been switched, and with them, the traditional card means. Queen of Swords traditionally means a widow, so I thought of Hubby's mum. I turned over 5 of Spheres (5 of Pentacles) -- just this morning we learned that she fell yesterday and may have broken her hip (Hubby has dashed off to help out today). I turned over the next card, for outcome, and 10 of Staves is there. MIL is 89 years old, and we all know what a broken hip and that age can mean. It is very troubling.

So I turned over the next card, asking for what I can do to be of support.
Servants of Light, Aquarian 1991
I drew another court card, the Keeper of Spheres (Page of Pentacles). This card is quite beautiful. In a clearing, flush with vegetation, near a grove of trees, the Keeper of Spheres stands, draped in a white cloth. The User (Knight) of Spheres presents her with the hallow (called 'Primes' in this deck) for safekeeping. Around them, in the card's foreground, are bees. A bee has lit upon the sphere the Keeper holds aloft to the heavens. (Bees are a symbol of service and industry, and feature prominently on the seal of the Servants of Light, as seen on the card backs.) In the background of the card, the Maker and Giver (King and Queen) of Spheres look on. The Page of Pentacles is earth of earth, and this elemental association is clearly read in this card.  I take this to mean that the best way I can be of support is to keep Hubby grounded and in the moment. His groundedness is given to my keeping, so I will get busy tidying the flat and making a nice dinner for him, perhaps lots of big hugs and a good neck rub as well. Whatever would be nurtuing, simple and practical -- that means no speculation, no conversations about the meaning of it all, and no worrying.

May I be of service to my loved one today.

Mantra: Ra ma da sa, sa say so hung (a mantra to link one to the pure healing powers of the universe)

Flower essence: Red Chestnut (to balance the feeling of worry for loved ones)


  1. Interesting deck. Seems very RWS-esque at first but when you look closely...not so much. Those redone titles would SO get on my nerves though...

    Best wishes to your husband and MIL. Hope she feels better/is soon on the mend.

  2. Thanks, Bonkers. Funnily enough, the redone titles don't bother me so much in this deck. Redone majors always bother me more for some reason.

    Turns out she doesn't seem to have broken her hip, so that's good. She'll still be out of commission for a while, I'm sure. She's got a raging bladder infection; I think it's from holding it because she's scared of walking to the bathroom. Bless her.

  3. Sorry to hear about your MIL, I'm glad her hip isn't broken, and hope she's soon on the mend.

    Were you able to be supportive and practical with the Hubster?

    As for the cards, given the illustrations I think I'd still interpret Staves in traditional Wands ways, the elemental association be hanged. It's different with the Silicon Dawn, where the actual imagery is also changed. This reminds me more of Lisa Hunt decks, where the elements are swapped, but the images still incline to traditional interps.

  4. The companion book changes the meaning along with the elemental association. So I'm just going along with the deck creator on this one. :)

    I guess I was able to, he got home pretty late and I made him dinner. :)

  5. Yeah, but that Ten of Staves looks far more like a traditional 10 of Wands than a 10 of Swords *confused face* Might be one I skip, or else just ignore the book...

  6. LOL Oh, don't let the switcharoonies put you off, I think it's a rather amazing deck. It's got some real power, I feel. There's something quite special about it.