There were times I'd take my pen...

...and feel obliged to start again...

Alison at This Game of Thrones put up this spread about time management, so I thought I'd give it a go, with the Thoth Tarot. The first card should be drawn from the courts: 

1  WHO can possibly help me improve my time management?
2  HOW will this character help me improve my time management?
3  WHAT does this character warn me against?

The Princess of Cups, Turtle Girl, turns up again! SHE is the one who can help me improve my time management! She's balancing on a free form tubey thingy, dancing around in her voluminous lavender robe, with a swan on her head, holding a turtle in a shell, with a fish and a lotus flower on either side. Let's just say she doesn't scream 'self control and list making' at me. Instead she is saying to me to go with the flow of my own desires. Whatever is most conducive to the free flow of my inner peace and fulfillment is where my time should go.

She will help me by showing me the true pinnacle of success--balance of the three aspects of mind, body, spirit. Gerd Ziegler in Tarot: Mirror of the Soul suggests the three bubbles in the middle of the card represent love, wisdom and creativity. My time is best spent nurturing these aspects, and that does not mean setting goals to measure these things, which cannot be measured. But doing things that nurture both myself and others. The Princess of Cups reminds to check that my ideas of success are true to myself, true to the Sat Nam.

She warns me against tearing down. Things don't need tearing down, necessarily. And growth and life do not always have to be about 'transformation' (a favourite word amongst pagany tarot-types). Growth and life and sharing can come from nurturing and joy as much as from trauma. The Princess of Cups warns me against the 'Rip it up and start again' method of time management. Whatever has happened in the past can be a growth experience. Everything in the past has value, because I have value. Everything that has gone before is what has made me me, and I don't need to be ripped up and started again. It doesn't have to be like that.

This has been a gentle and affirming reading, and I'm glad Alison suggested it on her blog. :)