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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What are those vein thingies?

 The Cups suit in Thoth Tarot bothers me a bit, and I've decided it's those tubey things that connect the cups in most cards. They remind me of veins, or arteries. I find them oddly disturbing. Though I must say, on the whole, I'm getting used to the Lady Frieda Harris' art. In fact, I've ordered the larger size Thoth. Maybe the tubes are used to suck up 'water energy' from the sea that is depicted in most Cups cards.

Apart from the veins, today's card is a very good one, the 6 of Cups. As in all the Cups cards, we have lotus blossoms spraying some sort of liquid or energy or joy juice of some type into a series of goblets, with a backdrop of water or ocean. In this case, the bases of the goblets appear to be some sort of fruit, or possibly even pearls. I've read that there are snakes coiled in each of the cups, but I've squinted at the card for some time and I myself don't see it. I only see what looks to me like the reflection of light. The cups appear to be made of copper, based on the colour.

The RWS version of the 6 of Cups shows two child-like figures, one handing the other a bouquet of flowers in a vase. Some people take the card to mean nostalgia for the past (apparently because the card features children). I think the emphasis might be more on sharing on an emotional level. Giving freely of oneself emotionally.

How can I share from my own emotional wealth today?

  May I make a meaningful connection with someone today, even if I don't myself realize I've done it. 


  1. I dunno, I think I can see a snake in the bottom right cup... Do they say why there are coiled snakes? Is it a kundalini thing?

    I like the idea of deep, emotional sharing and connection. Funny, it seems to be a theme today - Lisa wrote about it on Seer Pathways, too...

  2. No, the book didn't say why. I wonder if it's kundalini...that would be appropriate! :) Off to find Lisa's post...

  3. I think the vein thingies are stems, the cups seem to be emerging from flowers in my eyes. Why they should be coming out of flowers, I don't know!! Do You? :-) xx

  4. I went a bit mad and left the country, I've been living in Wales for the last two weeks lol. I must be in the only place if not the whole UK where there isn't any snow. And I'm near snowdonia!! You'd love it here, lots of nice walks for you xxxxxx

  5. I think thoese vein thingies are stems, to me it looks like the cups are emerging from flowers

  6. bwahaha and so carla slowly inches closer to the dark side ;]

    but yeah, perhaps because of the other flower imagery, but to me they look more like plan vines than veins?

    1. Yes, you're right, I guess it's just that they're not green and have no leaves, they look so lifeless. Like tubes. But I guess they're vines. Thoth vines.