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Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I'd like to say hello to the people on my followers list...
Hello to:

Andrew, who seems to have joined just in the last day or two. I like your sideways photo, and it's neat that it turned up on the day I posted about the Hanged Man.

Jamie, who has been commenting away since she first blew in here, and I LOVE it. I love getting comments and interacting with folks.

Helena Brandeo, who's turned up in recent weeks. Nice to see you! Please say hi. :) And you too, Urania!

Carol Sloane, Nena and Tripp--you guys have been on the list for a while, I sure would love to hear a word from you.

Tarot (Sunako Tarot Black), great hair. Is it still red? :)

Shelley Chandler, Karen and Siddeleah Vida -- I love all your avatars! Please say hi!

Emanual J Santos, I seem to recall your avatar turning up during one of the Tarot Blog Hops. Welcome, and nice cap. :)

Tim, thanks for following and leaving regular comments, I appreciate it!

Louise, Kerry and Lisa, hope to see you all at the next tarot conference...maybe the TABI one will be in Brum again this year??

John Marrani, I noticed your avatar go up a few weeks/months ago. Hello and welcome! Please feel free to post. :)

Aphrodisiastes, Identity_Concealed and LM Tea, you three have been around a long time. Do you still visit? Hope so!

Tara Tarot, feel like posting? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Hey, Bonkers! Thanks for being so interactive. :)

Saturness, you too! Love your comments.

Caroline Blackler, Zezina, Calliope, Rootweaver, love to see your avatars, but would also love to talk to you. Please comment, okay?

Eyebright, I know you from AT, nice to see you here.:)

And then I have these avatarless folks who are very mysterious to me: Chenault & Grey, Lena Grey, Debra Brown, Claire Simons. You are most welcome here, feel free to visit as much as you like, and if you feel like, say hi, too. :)

The others of you (juliefaithrigby, The Furry, Justin Booth et al), hey!! Say hello occasionally. :)

Just a reminder, I'm doing a giveaway after 20th March 2013 -- a new copy of Lon Milo DuQuette's Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot. All you have to do is comment in order to be entered in the draw. So don't be shy!! 

And THANK YOU to everyone who views my blog. If you visit sometimes, feel free to become a follower. And if you are a follower and don't want to comment for whatever reason, that's okay, too. No worries. I just wanted you to know I notice you there and I wonder about you, and thought I'd say HI. :)


  1. Hi, Paula Thomas!! It looks like you've just joined today! Welcome!!

  2. Wow, your tarot"ing" is going from strength to strength, well done Mrs. ! :)