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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Look Thothward, Angel: Day 3

Thoth Tarot & Angel Insight Pack
The advice of the Angel Guidance, from Angel Insight Pack, is to look for guidance in sudden thoughts, flashes of understanding, or even words or pictures that catch your eye in books, etc. To accompany that, the Ace of Swords. Am I going to get a bolt of understanding from the blue or what today?! It's possible, but I must also remember that the ace of each suit is its pure potential, not its actualization  So if I miss the gentle guidance of my angel, I may miss the trigger to a big idea, thought or plan. Must watch out for it, then!

I'm off to the audiologist at 9.45 today, then to work. I will be on the lookout today. I am grateful for all the fresh starts life seems to offer.

ETA: I went to the audiologist, where I found out some good tips about how to put my hearing aid in and take it out to avoid feedback. She clarified a lot of things for me and gave me assurances about other things. So, there's my Ace of Swords (cutting through of misconceptions, gaining better understanding) and Guidance! :) Aren't the cards cool! [edited 21st Feb 2013]


  1. 6.41 am - blimey you do get up early. That guidance card is very Christmassy xx :-)

    1. I've only just added the time to the posts. I always post between 6 and 7 am, unless it's my day off. :)