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Friday, 15 March 2013

At least they don't 'floweth over'

Thoth Tarot, Crowley-Harris
It's Friday and today's card is Four of Cups. It's supposed to rain today, and all weekend, and all next week, both here and in Devil's Bridge, Wales, where we're going for our holiday. Great. I looked at this card this morning, and the first thing I thought was 'Luxury -- oh boy!' Then, 'Wait. Luxury to Crowley was like "sin" or "excess" -- oh no.' And then, 'But AE Waite would have said "boredom"-- lovely.' And then of course as it's a daily draw, I remember to try to look at the card on the most mundane level possible, and I thought: Rain. Checked the weather forecast for here: Rain. Checked the weather for there: Rain. 

Actually, it's supposed to sleet all week in Devil's Bridge. Glorious. What possessed me to book a week off in March, anyway. Oh, yeah, my leave year is up in April. Take it or lose it. Tch. Still, must shoulder on! Weather forecasts have been known to be wrong. It might not be as bad as all that.


  1. Ha, just cos Crowley thought luxury was a bad thing doesn't make it so. Perhaps this card recommends making things as comfy as you can - take a good set of waterproofs, and an extra set of hand warmers for your pockets ;)

    1. I've got my waterproof trousers, my wooly bobble hat, my ice hockey-goalie-size gloves. Now I'm dragging out leggings and double thick socks. I've packed up half my kitchen (self-catering you learn--just take everything. The stuff you take for granted--all the bottles and packets, herbs and spices, etc etc). We're also taking some complete box sets and DVDs, yoga mat and my Maya Fiennes sets, and an absolutely huge book. :D

    2. LOL, clearly an experienced self-catering packer, making it feel like home :) What's the book?

    3. The Better Angels of Our Nature: A History of Violence and Humanity by Steven Pinker.

  2. Oh, I loved his "The Language Instinct" :) Will hope to read a review!