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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Wicca Moon Week Tuesday

Wicca Moon by Shirlee@wiccamoon
'Shower the people you love with love'

Today I have drawn the 10 of Cups. In 'Tarot Wisdom', Rachel Pollack points out that one way of viewing the 10 of each suit is to see it as the 'reality number', where the quality of the suit takes form in our lives. She calls this one of the happiest cards in the deck.

The Cups suit concerns emotions and relationships, and the 10 of Cups represents complete happiness in these areas. The message I am receiving from this card today is not necessarily that I will be 'happy', but that I should be aware of the true quality of my relationships. Where is there genuine love in my life? Do I appreciate it? Do I acknowledge it? Do I feel and express gratitude for it? Do I reciprocate it? If the answer is no to any of those questions, today is the day to realise it and to fix that situation.

It is so entirely possible to be happy and miss it. It is so entirely possible to have everything in the world you've ever wanted and not allow yourself to see it. Look for it today. Celebrate it with hearts and flowers and rainbows. Be unabashed and unashamedly joyous of your great good fortune. And show it to the ones who are the source of it.


  1. Great good fortune, could do with oodles of that in our household at the mo. Bring it on!!!!! :-) xx

  2. Excellent questions you pose, there :) And I love the sentiment - to be unashamedly joyous, to show it, to share it!