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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dealing with Dosh

I wanted to know about financial planning today, so I asked for three cards: Do this - Don't do this - Outcome:
Cosmic Tarot, US Games 1988
The cards are telling me to keep my emotions shielded and my gaze steady. The Princess of Cups is a thoughtful, even pensive person. I believe she is saying to pay close attention to instincts and intuition and avoid being gullible. There is a lot of information out there about investments, much of it actually marketing strategies. I will do best to pay attention to my feelings about things. For example, if a service provider has a great interest rate on offer but I don't feel good about the customer service I receive, I should pay attention to that. If  I feel attracted to a provider because of their ethical investing or even just their friendly approach, I should pay attention to that. A big part of being happy in my investments is feeling happy in myself about it all. This also reminds me to pay attention to level of risk tolerance. That could be another reason she is shielding her cup. 

The World card is such a vibrant, positive card, it's hard to imagine it may have a shadow meaning. And yet, it does. I love what Biddy Tarot has to say about it:

Upright, the World represents completion. When reversed, however, the World suggests that you are trying to achieve completion in your life but you may not be taking all the steps necessary to achieve your goals. There is a tendency to take the easiest or quickest path to attain your goal but often this does not lead to the outcome you had originally intended. Instead, through facing up to the challenges along the way, you will learn and grow exponentially and will feel such an amazing sense of achievement when you finally make it to your goal. So, do not be afraid to set yourself ‘stretch’ goals, even if it means enduring hardships or challenges along the way. This will make victory even sweeter.
The reversed World can also indicate a time when you are close to reaching completion but for whatever reason, you lose focus and slack off right at the end. You only have a short way to go, so why lose focus now? Re-energise yourself and remind yourself how wonderful life will be when you have finally reached your goal. ~ Biddy Tarot
This really rings true for me in my financial planning. I do want to take the easiest path, and of course the easiest path of all is to just leave things as they are. 'You only have a short way to go, so why lose focus now?' True...I've done some research, I've taken some tentative steps, but this morning I really feel like not doing anything and just staying home all day playing around with tarot cards and doing laundry and what not. That would be doing as Biddy Tarot says, 'losing focus and slacking of right at the end', something which is a bad habit and pattern of mine in many areas. The message of the cards today is, don't do that! But darn, it's cold and windy outside and the thought of tramping around the town centre visiting banks and building societies makes me feel tired and cranky. 
The outcome, though, is the Hierophant, the card that symbolizes authority and hierarchical systems--certainly sounds like a financial institution in this case, doesn't it? So the outcome of getting off my butt and carrying through on this, remembering not to be swayed emotionally by tempting offers, nor to ignore my intuitive responses to it all, will be to find the right financial institution for my investments. 
I wonder if I can get by with doing online research, though, without having to go out into the cold today! I SOOOO don't want to. 


  1. This seems like a really helpful reading! I love the Princess of Cups saying to trust your intuition - as you say, good customer service and ethical investments are really valid criteria, too.

    As for the World, I've come up against it in a negative position a few times. Likewise, I saw it meaning not expecting quick fixes. It suggests acknowledging that life is complex and says trying to pretend it isn't does very little good in the long run...

    Totally agree that the Hierophant seems like an excellent outcome card for this particular question! So, good luck with your research and finding some useful and good investments and institutions :)

    1. 'Life is complex and trying to pretend it isn't does very little good in the long run.' Good advice! So, maybe part of the message here is to remind me that I don't have to look at everything and come to a decision TODAY, as long as I do something toward the lengthy, complex process. :)