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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Having a clearout

I've selected the decks I'm ready to find new homes for and here they are. From top left:

Inner Child Cards, in zippered pouch with hardback book £10 SOLD
Pathfinders Tarot £5 SOLD
Pamela Coleman Smith Commemorative Set £15 (it is heavy though)

Celtic Wisdom Oracle £5  SOLD
Oracle of the Grail Code £5 TRADED
Sacred Sites Tarot £10 - SOLD 
Harmonious Tarot (trimmed to borderless with numbers handwritten) £5 SOLD
Celtic Messages £15 SOLD
Postmark Lenormand make offer NO LONGER ON OFFER
Melissa Lenormand, 2nd edition make offer SOLD
Tarot of the Old Path, with companion book £20 - SOLD
Hudes Tarot, with companion book £20

I will post these in UK and Europe, buyer to pay shipping. Prices negotiable, please don't be shy of asking. If you are interested in enquiring about any of these decks, please leave a comment or send me an email to rowan_tarot@yahoo.co.uk.


  1. Hmm, I must be having a strange day, as I'm not really tempted by any of these, except the Melissa Lenormand ;) And I'm not sure I'm really willing to pay what it's worth - saw one went on ebay for about £100 recently!

  2. and put the $ in your retirement account! LOL

    1. Hm, I was thinking about using it to buy new decks. Doh!

  3. Hi there. If this is still valid, and the price of the Celtic Wisdom oracle did not change, I would be interested.