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Monday, 20 May 2013

'Mystic Bastard' Day One

I'm combining two decks this week, Mystic Faerie and Deck of the Bastard (so-called because it is made up of cards from several different decks, all mixed up together and made to look aged). I drew one card for each day of the week using the Mystic Faerie, then drew cards for each day of the week using Deck of the Bastard, to see how they work together. Today's cards are:

Mystic Faerie 2007, Deck of the Bastard 2013
The cards suggest that though today may be a day of trouble, I should keep things in perspective.

The Nine of Swords usually represents troubling thoughts or bad dreams. (In the Mystic Faerie deck, the swords are represented by the red thorns on the vine.) The only troubling thoughts I've been having lately are about my gooshy thighs, so chances are today's will be not much different than the usual. (Though I actually did have a really weird dream last night, most of which I cannot remember except for one scene where I am in my grandmother's house and find a back room that I never knew about, in which there is an empty hospital bed with green sheets, and a chair in the corner holding what looks like a lifesize doll. The doll suddenly stands up and starts giving me a review of the contents of the room, and she's in nurse's scrubs wearing a surgical mask, but for some reason has a pig snout. I hurry out of the room and someone tells me the thing was provided by the hospital and is 'one of those new electronic people things called a "slave"'. But I digress).

Of course Temperance, though its occult meaning has more to do with alchemy, in readings is taken to mean moderation or a middle path. I don't really know why Temperance is an unpopular card, as actually, moderation and a middle path are the keys to nearly everything. The woman in the image on the card (actually an angel) is holding a cup in her left hand, and I have no idea what is dangling from her right hand. Possibly a shackle? I don't recognize it.

So when trouble raises its head today, I will try remember not to bash it back down with a sledgehammer, but to be more temperate.


  1. Humph, that Nine of Swords looks more like a traditional Eight of Swords! Makes me think of being surrounded by beauty, but stopping yourself enjoying it because of your own worries and doubts...

    Yikes, that dream of yours sounds quite Nine of Swordsy :o

    Good luck finding the middle path in all of life's winding ways today :)

  2. Gosh, you have dreams like I do! The dream makes me wonder if you should be digging into your family medical history for some reason. Like maybe there is something lurking there or that you are worried about possible genetic issues. (Sorry, I'm an amateur dream interpreter. I can't help myself. lol)