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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Night and Day

Trying to shuffle this morning, a card came flying out of the deck and fluttered to the floor. I call those 'jumpers', and sometimes I pick them up and put them back in the deck with no thought, other times they strike me as calling attention to themselves and I set them aside and proceed, taking them into account at the end of the reading, and sometimes they strike me as the 'true' answer to the query and I look at just the jumper and forego drawing any others.

Today I decided to stick with the jumper as my card of the day, Dreamer Two from Tarot of the Sidhe.

I knew at once why this card flew out as soon as I looked it. Last night at bed time, I impulsively decided to do sitting meditation right before getting into bed, complete with candles incense and bell ringing. Then this morning when I got up, I felt compelled to go wash face and hands, rinse mouth and go straight to the meditation bench again for morning meditation. Night and morning. I think the card is reinforcing this as good for daily routine. It is certainly a simple matter, as my meditation space is in a corner of my bedroom anyway, and meditating just before retiring and upon arising lends itself easily to meditation styles. Last night I contemplated things I am grateful for. This morning, I did one of my favourite visualizations about the cycles of daylight. So there it is in the card, nighttime sitting, daytime sitting. A balance.

In a reading for others or for different situations, there are many interpretations of this card. As the subtitle suggests, it could mean a truce. Meeting someone halfway. Or drawing a line, creating a border or separation--the half black, half white sides do not curve into each other like yin yang, so there is no long-term blending here. Just a truce, maybe. A balance, perhaps.  Division, polarity, stalemate, temporary balance, these are all terms associated with the Two of Swords (or Dreamer Two in the Tarot of the Sidhe). So if this card were drawn in an actual reading, one would have to consider in what way a decision, division, stalemate, or holding pattern is happening with regard to the topic of the reading.

Well, I'm returning to work today after my holiday. Yes, back to work on a Saturday! A great weekend to all the lucky Monday-Friday folk! :)

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  1. Your meditation practice sounds lovely! Hope work wasn't too bad :/

    I also see this card as being in two minds (definitely a type of division or stalemate), because of the way the Sidhe's face is superimposed on the moon. Could also indicate black-and-white thinking - extremism of any kind...