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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

We're back!!!

We went to North Devon ... and got rained on. A lot. But we also managed to get one good day's walking in and it happened to be on the hubster's birthday. We walked one of the most beautiful stretches of the Southwest Coast Path, a circular walk we devised using the OS Explorer map (139) -- Hartland Quay to Hartland Point and back. It was WINDY. It rained a bit. It was cold. We both managed to get sun/wind burn on our noses and cheeks. Also saw some coastal towns and fishing villages on the other days. (Plus the inside of every Morrison's in North Devon. We always end up food shopping. Or toilet paper shopping, or birthday cake shopping. It's always something.) Good holiday, despite the weather. AND our stupid cottage flooding on the last night (don't ask).

Resting having climbed the Stairs of Cirith Ungol

SW Coast Path, Hartland Quay Hotel carpark (aka 'before')
The sun made a brief appearance and turned the water blue (my fingers were already there).

The bauble hat. Everyone needs one. Good for balance.

Taken by...taken by the wind... 

A waterfall on the SW Coast Path

Hubster stopping for breather in Clovelly (aka 'after')
Clovelly -- it's hard work both uphill and down!


  1. Glad you had a good time :) It does look very pretty, despite the English grey...

    1. It was pretty grey, but what can you do? (See how English I've become).