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Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Witch in the Woods

This week's deck, in all its purple glory, is Legend Arthurian Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson (Llewellyn 1995). I bought this deck and its companion book, A Keeper of Words by Anna-Marie Ferguson, some time back, but I just haven't got around to looking at properly. Something about it tells me it is a deck I am likely to keep. (Though since I have left AT, it's likely that my deck buying habits will change dramatically. I decided to leave about three weeks ago, withdrew my membership and everything. So nice to be free.)

This Moon card plays up the powers of the moon and its associations with magic. The sorceress Morgan le Fay sits beside a deep woodland pool, absorbing the moon's energies from above while plumbing the depths of the mysteries represented by the water below. Surrounding her are leafless trees, their shapes reminding me very much of beech trees. 'Reflecting the conscious light of the sun,' writes Anna-Marie Ferguson, 'the moon illuminates the hidden realm of the mind.' The moon mysteries are the depths of our subconscious minds, a realm that can be, as Ferguson describes, 'a harrowing realm' to explore, but it is certainly rewarding. We can see glimpses of our subconscious minds in our dreams, our daydreams, and in our 'chaotic, lawless imagination'.

In a reading, the Moon card could be taken as a cue to pay attention to dreams, or to indicate confusion, bewilderment or illusion about an issue. The Moon card advises us to take a harder look beneath the surface of things.


  1. I like this deck, though some of the cards are surprisingly bleak... As for the Moon, I like the link to magic, too. And that's a good way to approach the subconscious, not trying to overanalyse it :)

    1. Oh well, what else could it be, the Arthurian legends aren't exactly the Two Ronnies. :)

  2. The moon card is one that often confuses me in readings. I guess that's appropriate. lol. I'm never completely sure how to interpret it, though.