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Friday, 28 June 2013

How'm I doin'?


Prairie Tarot, Robin Ator 2010
A very traditional 3 of Coins we have today from The Prairie Tarot by Robin Ator, 2010. A craftsman working on decorating a structure with three coins (or pentacles), pauses as two onlookers observe his work. As in the RWS version, one of the onlookers seems to be the patron of the project (the older man), while the other might represent a muse, a softer, more emotive point of view (the girl).

In the RWS, the craftsman works on a cathedral detail, the patron appears to be a monk, and the artistic character is a man in a flamboyant robe holding plans. Maybe he is the designer of the building. Or, perhaps the man in the decorated robes is the patron, and the monk represents the spiritual muse of the cathedral (knowing what we know about monks, such as the Cistercians, it seems more likely the monk is the businessman, though).

In a reading, the 3 of Coins often signifies receiving feedback on your work, considered opinions on your job (usually positive). It can also signify working as a team, though it seems to me that the man standing on the bench is doing the actual work while the others are providing their input. Still, without the artistic vision, the financial backing, and the skill of the craftsman, nothing would be built at all. It takes all three. So maybe the card can remind us that every member of the team has an important contribution, even if in the moment it doesn't seem that way. (This message reminds me a lot of yesterday's Justice message!)

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  1. That devaluing of some parts of a team is something I've certainly been guilty of in the past. And funnily enough, the bits I devalued were the bits that came easily to me, I realise now, so that I also devalue myself. Hope that's a pattern I can begin breaking...