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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Just a good old boy

Prairie Tarot, Ator 2010
The Page of Coins here makes me think mostly of the sun, or perhaps the moon, which stands to reason, as today is the full moon, and a super moon at that. The background of the card is a warm yellow, and the only other detail on the card, really, is a lamp, emblazoned with an eagle.

The Page of Coins is generally seen to be someone who is endlessly curious about the natural world, what makes things work, how things fit together, what makes stuff tick. He's a very hands-on person, has great attention to detail, very diligent task commitment. That doesn't mean he isn't playful -- he hasn't progressed into the Knight of Coins yet! But he is the kind of person whose version of play involves finding out the answers to his ceaseless questions. He is the kind of guy who can put up a shelf for you, hook up your DVD player, and ask in return only that you come out to the park and play some softball and maybe go for a beer afterward. A good guy. Clean cut all-American type. ;)


  1. Practical and playful, the Page of Coins really is my favourite Court card :) Hope your day lived up to his potential...

    1. It was good day, though we didn't do much because the weather was not very nice and we were tired. Lying around and watching TV can be fun, though. :)