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Monday, 24 June 2013

King o Farr

Prairie Tarot, Ator 2010
Pardon the title of this post. It's redneck for 'King of Fire.' I can use redneck because I was born one. (My mother would be none too pleased to hear that, but what else could you be when you grow up in northeast Arkansas? I'd say I left the world of the redneck, but having resettled in West Midlands, UK, I'm not entirely sure I've come that far. Ha.) This King of Wands reminds me so much of Jeff Bridges in 'True Grit' it is not even funny. I can hear that growly voice just looking at him, and I heard that same voice from just about every old man of my childhood.

Come to think of it, Rooster Cogburn is a good example of the King of Wands. He has supreme self-confidence, takes the straightest route from A to B when it comes to strategy, isn't concerned at all about following any rules that he didn't make himself. He's not a detail man. But he does have his own sense of honour, even if it might not quite match up to everyone else's. That's the King of Wands, for sure.

Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn, True Grit


  1. Love it. This King of Wands is so Jeff Bridges. Love your description and really have nothing else to add, you said it all :))

    1. Thanks, I don't know why it hit me that he looks like Rooster Cogburn!

  2. Haven't seen the film, but I can see the likeness :) And I like that bit about taking a straight route and living by your own rules...