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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mer-bugs and bunny fish

Joie de Vivre Tarot, US Games 2011
I notice a lot of cards in the Joie de Vivre Tarot (Paulina Cassidy, US Games 2011) feature underwater scenes, mer-fae, crab-creatures, fishy-folk, and in general an under-the-boardwalk-down-by-the-sea kinda groove. This is okay with me. I need more of the Water element in my mix. Far too Airy, me. Those critters that don't look fishy generally look like they're at least half bug, but in this card, the figure has a girl's upper torso, then the pinched-in waist and bulbous nethers of a bug, suddenly ending in a very skinny fishtail! It's after you notice this that you look again and see her hair's floating, not flying in a breeze, and she's underwater, and those cute bunnies are actually fish creatures, too. (Or at least that's how I noticed it).

Her name is Bliss, and her bunny fish companions are called Innocence and Charity. They flow along in the warm currents of emotional contentment, according to the LWB. Very precious.

Emotional contentment is a good thing, because today's Tuesday, which means my work shift is again 8.30 - 18.15. Pffft.

I may check back in again later with a report on what exactly the emotional contentment turned out to be today -- but remember that with daily draws, everything is really smaaaall scale. So it might be nothing more than a good laugh. And that's good enough!

ETA: I totally forgot about the 'nostalgia' aspect of 6 of Cups, but just remembered that today I was chatting to a 17-year-old member of staff about what we wore when I was 17...yeah, that was in 1984. Wow. Bit of nostalgia, I guess. And we did laugh a lot today...but we always do.


  1. Yep, a good laugh is always a good thing - a smile to help our day along. Wishing you any number of chuckles today!

  2. I'm loving seeing these cards on your blog Carla! I've been iffing and butting about them for an age but seeing them here has put them right at the top of my tarot list for this year. I always thought they were a bit fae but didn't want the disappointment of finding out that the fae feel was visible in only a few cards.

    Three people in need of a good laugh... is it possible that it's us wee three? Here's to smiles, chuckles, and good humour to brighten our day :)

    1. I hope you go ahead and get a copy, Sharon. You'll like it, I'm sure. :)