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Thursday, 18 July 2013


The Five of Rods in Anna K Tarot shows the spirit of friendly competition: two blokes arm wrestling in a pub. Their friends and family gather around to enjoy the spectacle. Of course, in a testosterone-fueled contest like this, things can get out of hand, tempers can flare, things can go wildly wrong. But for the most part, the competition depicted in this card is of the controlled, good-natured variety. Or at the very least, the not-ultimately-harmful variety.

Often interpreted as petty or meaningless squabbles, the Five of Rods (aka Wands, Staves or even occasionally Clubs) can turn up to indicate challenge, competition, game or sport, having a debate, feeling at cross purposes or disagreeing with someone, quibbling, sniping, arguing. Usually these things are of a trivial nature, though they can be annoying.

I'm pretty sure I know what this card is about; I was hoping to see the back of the annoyances at work, but it looks like more will continue today. Well, Mercury is in retrograde still, so I shouldn't be surprised communication is not going so well. I will just have to keep in mind that the source of my irritation is merely a trifle, of no real significance or consequence. Just let it roll of.

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  1. Interesting. I don't think I've ever thought of this card in terms of debate, which seems a rather swords-y thing to do, but I guess that is one way to compete... :)

    Good luck with the work issues, and hope you manage to find that not-caring place.