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Friday, 26 July 2013

Coming up roses

Our last card from this week's Sacred Rose Tarot is 10 of Cups. What a nice card to draw on a Friday, particularly when I could use some cheering up, as I have to work tomorrow, and even after nine years of working weekends, it still depresses me.

The roses featured on the card are also on the backs of the card, and are the 'sacred roses' that the title of the deck refers to:

Red rose = sacrifice
White rose = purity
Blue rose = 'the impossible'
Gold rose = absolute achievement

The background of this card is part of the 'cosmic rose', which represents time and space.

The LWB says, 'This is a card of emotional completion and integration, and the subsequent gifts. Spiritual treasures and peace of mind are present. An emotional growth cycle is complete. A good life is in store.'

That's pretty generic! I like how this card leaves out any notions of what constitutes 'a good life'. The RWS 10 of Cups features the 'wife and two kids' under the rainbow, and that's not everyone's definition of perfect happiness by any means. Sacred Rose leaves it up to us to decide what would bring us 'peace of mind'.

Overall, I read this as the 'Tra la la, everything's great' card. Nothing to worry about, no problems on the horizon. It isn't necessarily a happily ever after card, though I'm not really one of those who will read a 10 as being on the tipping edge of the beginning of a new cycle. I think that's just being a bit fatalistic, even for me, and lord knows I do tend to see the dark side of things! Nah, this card, particularly as a daily draw, means I can breath easy today. No problemo.

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  1. Totally agree about the RWS happy family! This is a nice take on spiritual treasures and peace of mind, though in terms of visuals, it does make me think about a flower show :D