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Friday, 12 July 2013

It's about balance!

My patience for this deck has worn quite thin, so it's a good thing this is the last day of Titania's Star Tarot. We have Two of Pentacles here, a card which normally represents (to me at least) achieving a balance in life. To Titania, all 2s are about work, and she says they mean as follows: 2 of Wands - business including scientific and rational thought, 2 of Swords - burn-out and fatigue, 2 of Cups - enjoyment of work, 2 of Pentacles - 'hard work that brings out its just rewards.' Well, I give up. What's the bird all about, then? Why is it yellow? I don't know and Titania's not telling. So I will just have to go with my own interpretation of the card today, since Titania's interpretations don't make any sort of sense to me at all, and say that today will be a day when balance can be achieved. Conditions are right for achieving equilibrium, and that's a good thing; I have been trying to get some aspects of my life to come into balance today. Today may be a day when I do a bit better. :)

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  1. In the bird, what I see is that sometimes we need to get some perspective, to take an overview, before we can find that needed balance. I like the cards, but from what you've shared, I think I'd chuck the book without opening it - what a waste of paper!

    Good luck finding your balance today :)