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Friday, 5 July 2013

Keep on truckin

How appropriate to draw The Chariot on this, the last day of our week with Tarot Illuminati (Dunne & Huggens, LoScarabeo 2013).  I am travelling today for a weekend away with a friend. Sometimes our daily draws can be interpreted on a very mundane level indeed.  (I recall once a reading I did in preparation for a job interview, asking for advice, and I drew the Ace of Cups. I thought it meant I needed to try to be open. Nope. On the day, my mouth was so dry I actually slurred my speech. It was awful. Only afterward did I remember the card and realize I was probably being urged to stay hydrated and take a bottle of water!! Tarot can have a mean sense of humour. Happens a lot.)

I am thoroughly enamoured of Tarot Illuminati. It is a fascinating deck to look at, has an entertaining (if at times overwrought) companion book, and a lovely, sturdy magnetized box that closes with a satisfying clunk. There's a lot to be said for sturdy packaging in the tarot world. Do consider getting yourself a copy.

Tomorrow brings us a completely different deck, and quite an odd little duck it is...


  1. Hmm, is that the tarot being mean, or us simply seeing things in it too late... I'll admit, I don't like to think of the tarot as mean, though I do often see its humourous side :)

    1. 'A mean sense of humour' as in 'That little lady makes a mean cuppa joe.' ;)

    2. Ah, right, okay! Though it seems a bit mean to say, "take some water or you'll mess up" in such a subtle way that you mess up... I guess it's the hindsight thing :)

    3. Well, it does seem the tarot sometimes reveals things that only become clear in hindsight. We have to remember that for 'next time' we read. That's why people do daily draws with reflections, so they can build their range of interpretations of cards, right?

    4. Oh, I wasn't saying anything against creating your own stock of interpretations through hindsight, more that it is our mind and hindsight that creates the meaning, rather than the tarot being a mean-spirited prankster :D