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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Seems a little early for all this fire

Sacred Rose Tarot
This is one freaky Knight of Wands. He looks like he's emerged from the bowels of Hades! He's certainly nothing if not fiery, in fact both he and his horse seem to be made of flame, and the scene they are thundering toward us from is also alight with red, and even appears to be smoking. The knight and his horse are upon us, about to go charging past. The horse has a star on his forehead, in the shape of the symbol of fire. The knight leans toward us, holding out the wand, not poised to strike or to throw it, but with hand open, like passing a baton in a relay race. Why, it's just like a scene out of that dreadful Kevin Costner film, The Postman.

Why is the Knight of Wands passing the baton on to us? Well, just guess. The LWB says, 'There is the need to act quickly, without warning. Alertness and creative thinking are essential.' In other words, we are expected to take this 'wand of creativity' and run with it, just like in a relay race. In fact, we become the Knight of Wands ourselves, charging onward into our lives, active, alert, unpredictable, even impetuous. Sometimes such things are called for.

Now, in a daily draw what could this mean? Perhaps it is the suggestion that I be open to doing something a little different today. Whatever pops into my head to do. The Knight of Wands wouldn't hesitate and neither should I. Right now, I'm more interested in curling up with a cup of coffee than charging off doing fiery things. But the day is young.

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  1. Oh, I love the idea of the Knight of Wands giving the baton to us, to ride on with. Here's wishing you some enthusiasm to get on with creative projects and find your passion :)