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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Status Quo

Titania's Star Tarot, 2003
The 4 of Wands is the card for today from Titania's Star Tarot (Quadrille 2003).  All interpretations given in the companion book have an old-fashioned fortuneteller feel to them. Four of Wands, for example, says only: 'The Four of Wands is concerned with money coming through a legacy or legal endowment. Usually this card indicates that the client will be the recipient of a will. The inner interpretation is self-government.' Titiania Hardie also writes that all tarot fours are the sign of Scorpio and indicate matters of luck with money, legacies and sensuality.

At least that explains why the four wands are depicted on a scroll, a reference to legal documents. Personally I have never read anyone say that the Four of Wands is about a legacy, not that I put much stock in simplified 'fortune teller' reading of tarot cards. (For me, that's more the realm of Lenormand or simple playing card decks). I can see, possibly, how the scroll might remind me of the title deed to property, especially a house or other dwelling, since I usually see Four of Wands to indicate firm foundations of any type, and often see it in reference to a settled domestic situation.

I don't really know anything about Scorpio (the 8th House, Hardie helpfully adds), but Aleister Crowley says in Book of Thoth that the 4 of Wands is 'Venus in Aries,' and that the energy of the Wands suit 'is now built up into a solid system: Order, Law and Government.' So that is another reason why the card might be depicted with a scroll, as we associate law with documents written upon scrolls. It would seem, based on this evidence, that Titania's Star Tarot might be more Thothy than RWS.  I haven't looked at it enough to make that connection for sure.

As I doubt I will inherit a windfall today, I will take this card to mean that today is a day to 'go by the books', to follow established traditions, to avoid making waves of any kind or take any action that might disturb the status quo. Not that I'd intended to! It also suggests that today there won't be any kind of shake up, but that it will be a day of stability and balance. That's good news. :)


  1. I'm finding her commentaries less and less helpful, but the images are quite nice and simple.

    I also see in the scroll that projects need to have a plan, a basis...

    Funny how you're card is the direct opposite of mine for the day, which specifically talked about a shake-up :D

  2. Remember to bring your Movie Tarot cards if you are coming in tomorrow Carla :-)

    1. It's my day off! Next week. :)