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Sunday, 14 July 2013

What we need here is a little privacy!

Anna K Tarot, Llewellyn
Lovely card for today, the Two of Cups, a card of friends and companions. It can indicate a romantic attachment, but it can also be any type of friendly relationship, and sometimes even a business partnership.

I like this image, but I've never been entirely sure what Anna K was getting at with the curtains being held up by the two figures here. They are standing in an alcove on a balcony, overlooking a rose garden, apparently. They look into each other's eyes, toasting over goblets of wine. I assume they are drawing the curtains closed so they can enjoy a bit of kanoodling without an audience. Sometimes, though, it makes me think about the way that new lovers don't see the flaws in each other yet, and the way they are on their best behaviour, presenting to and seeing in each other an idealized version of themselves. But that's a bit cynical for a sunny Sunday morning, so let's go with version A, the kanoodling interpretation. :)

Hubby is venturing out to see a movie today (Pacific Rim - I have zero interest in it so he is going on his own) and I am meeting a friend for coffee. So perhaps the curtain is the 'spaces in our togetherness' (to quote from Kalil Gibran) and the Two of Cups card itself refers to this meeting with a friend I haven't seen since Christmas, even though we live in the same town! (I know, that is scandalous isn't it!)

(By the way, I have reconfirmed something - the best way to get a deck buggered up is to hand it to a client to shuffle. Amazes me what people can manage to do to a deck in a few seconds. I was taken aback by what someone did to my deck the other day. I'm going to back to my preferred method of only letting them cut, from now on! My Justice card is mutilated on one side. Boo!!)


  1. do you see the level that the curtains are drawn at? whats going on behind that little bit of drawn curtain especially considering those looks on their faces!!!!! lol

    Pacific Rim, nahhh didn't fancy it either. Went to see Man of Steel but was dissapointed by it. Saw cloud atlas in supermarket the other day for £10 - really want to see that!!!!!

    Blonde babes and lovely roses what a nice way to spend the day xxx

    1. LOL Naughty

      We saw Superman; I think I'm too old for these blockbusters these days--who needs to see 20 minutes of CGI guys with super powers smashing one another through skyscrapers?

  2. Yep, clients only get to cut my decks, or sometimes draw cards from a fan. Even a close friend in Spain managed to chip all the edges of one of my decks, so these days I don't let anyone shuffle my cards until I've seen them shuffle some of their own (or someone else's) ;)

    And kanoodling is a fabulous word :D