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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Awakening compassion

Ah, my favourite tarot queen, the Queen of Swords. I could use all the advice in the companion book, so I will give the whole thing here:

'You have two sides to your character; you can choose to let your beautiful aura of serenity shine around you or be harsh and judgemental. You are funny and intelligent, but sometimes your humour can hurt others, so avoid being judgemental and don't be harsh on your opponents and enemies in your time of victory. Be merciful; carry or wear verdelite to bring you compassion in all you do. It will also promote your mind power; place your verdelite crystal on your brow chakra to release your intellectual force.'

I feel quite convicted by this reading of the Queen of Swords card. I wish I had a verdelite crystal to carry with me to remind me to dial it down a notch for a change. I am also struck the fact that so far this week I've drawn green stones. I wonder if there is any significance to this.

I found this beautiful description of green tourmaline (verdelite) at Healing Crystals for You:

'This lovely crystal is a strong heart chakra stone with a masculine or yang energy. It is a powerful aid for self healing... and its vibration is notably compassionate especially towards yourself. This compassionate vibration resonates strongly within the thymus or higher heart chakra as this is one of the primary energies that this chakra governs.
The energy field of Green Tourmaline will entrain and harmonize with your personal energy, inducing within you a deep calmness, equanimity and feeling of completeness. Through its action within the third eye chakra... it brings through stronger visualization abilities. Green Tourmaline may stimulate a stronger connection between the heart and the mind... allowing you to feel the power of Divine love.'

May I soften my heart today and get in touch with the gentlest aspect of my Queen of Swords nature.

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  1. Beautiful affirmation! I like the way the Queen is holding that tourmaline, offering up compassion :)