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Friday, 23 August 2013

Be more cat

I am not a cat person. I've just never had much use for them. They don't seem to do much, they can clearly live without us, and they make my nose itch. I left Facebook because to me it was 'the place where people endlessly post snapshots of their cats' (among other reasons). Lately there's been an ad campaign for O2 with the slogan, 'Be more dog!' that features CG cats enjoying the freedom releasing their inner dog. It delights me:

Cats sense my antipathy, I think, because they invariably make a beeline for me and wind themselves around my feet or climb onto the sofa with me to shove their butts in my face.

So, you wouldn't think I'd end up with Cat's Eye Tarot (Debra M Givin, US Games 2011), but I did! On a whim, I selected it as trade for one of the decks I had on offer for free here recently. It arrived in the post the other day, and so I thought I'd try a draw with it. Doesn't seem to matter the deck, tarot is tarot, and the cards that have been stalking me lately turned up (I shuffled them nine times before drawing. Seemed fitting):

Queen of Wands has been stalking me most of 2013, and Temperance has just now turned up (possibly to remind me to look at the ways Queen of Wands is manifesting and make sure they are not out of balance, like doing too much yoga or maintaining too many blogs!) For the last card, I took a peek at the book, and this sentence struck me: 'Do you face challenges with confidence, or do you take a defensive stance?' Well the answer to that is pretty much 'defensive stance' across the board. So I guess the question for me now is, once I've identified the out-of-balance aspects of my recent approach to life, to determine how the imbalance is a result of taking a defensive stance. 

So yeah, for the next week, this blog will be a little more cat. 


  1. I like those O2 adds, too :D Still, I love cats: their independence, their sense of self, their ability to be empathic and loving, without being subservient.

    Shame you got sick of the cats, but Kat Black is lovely, too...

    1. Oh the kitties may make a come back. And I've just noticed that ... 'Kat' Black! Well, well. Sneaky moggies.

  2. I gave this deck to a cat loving friend.