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Friday, 9 August 2013

Fairy Lights Pairs: 6 of Cups and Justice

This very strange picture is our last draw from Fairy Lights Tarot (LoScarabeo 2013). I have to say, it is really bizarre, and it took me forever to realise that these two cards go together. I have no clue what is going on in this picture. In the foreground, there is a strange figure which at first looks like a lady growing out of a rock, pulling a roman style roller blind down over her eyes while holding a pair of scales in one hand and a big sheathed sword in the other. Actually, that may be exactly what it is, though on second glance, the rock might be a big fluffy brown skirt on a posh strapless frock. Behind her are two columns, one black one white. And then off in the background we see that the golden earth (if it is earth) has holes or pools in it, and emerging from the pools are strange fish and a water tentacle fairy creature eating out of the hand of a skinny Statue of Liberty faerie girl. Behind them are some trees, some pointy mountains like you'd see in China, and shooting star.

First reaction: WTF?

Second reaction: ...wtf?

Third reaction: ... Well. Where's the book.

Companion book says of 6 of Cups: 'The magical companions of your childhood are still with you. Expand your imagination to call them closer to you and listen to their advice.'

And of Justice: 'Between the balancing pillars of light and dark, Justice holds the scales that weigh the righteousness of every act.' Which doesn't help explain why she's growing out of a rock or why her Justice blindfold is a floating roller blind.

I think I'll try a regular draw with this deck. Let's talk to it:

Why was this deck created? The Fool
The deck was created whimsically, with no real structure or direction. I believe the images were painted without particular cards in mind, then they were later assigned, possibly by the artist, but more likely by editors at LoScarabeo. I have the feeling cards were swapped several times before they were settled on.

What is its greatest strength? Ace of Wands
The deck is good at finding 'life' in unexpected places -- such as an underused imagination or rusty intuition.

What is its greatest weakness? Queen of Swords
It lacks rationality and solid counsel.

Who will have the best relationship with this deck? 3 of Swords
Those who prefer to look at pain through the lens of whimsy.

I may have said earlier that if the Haindl Tarot and the Froud Faeries Oracle had a dirty weekend, this deck might be their surprise result. I still stand by that. I'm not entirely sure it's a tarot deck, at least not in my view, and I do have a rather view of what constitutes a tarot as opposed to an oracle. I won't really know how well this deck functions as a tarot until I use it to do a real reading for another person.

If you would like a 3-card draw from the Fairy Lights Tarot, click on 'Order a Tarot Reading' on the tab above and drop me a line!

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  1. LOL! I can certainly see why you're not sure it's a 'tarot', and I had to laugh at the idea of it being the bastard child of the Haindl Tarot and Froud's Faeries. Still, I think there is more structure there than you give them credit for. At the very least, there were some clear guidelines given for the Majors...