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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Fairy Lights Pairs: 9 of Cups and King of Coins

I've sat and stared at this pair of cards from Fairy Lights Tarot, and here's the story that came to me. This is a king on a quest -- I don't think it's the Holy Grail, I think he's looking for Prester John. He's not going to find Prester John or his kingdom, because they don't exist on this earth. But maybe they exist on another plane, a plane which our king can't quite see because he's just so grounded.  It's actually pretty fanciful for the King of Coins to be out questing for a legend, so he should be given credit for starting off on the journey at all. But he's too tuned in to the here and now and the evidence of his senses to every find the citadel behind him.

We have two opposites here - the 9 of Cups, as seen in the form of the ghost tree made up of birds, is a card of feelings, deep internal experiences that defy words or even thought, mere feelings. And the King of Coins is so solidly grounded in his role as protector and provider, it would be quite out of character for him to indulge in whimsy.

How can the king learn to be more like the tree? How can the tree learn to be more like the king?

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  1. I love that Nine of Cups - let your emotions take flight :) As you say, a very unusual pairing. I like the questions you pose - how can each learn from the other?