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Monday, 5 August 2013

Fairy Lights Pairs: Knight of Swords and 8 of Cups

Now this is an odd picture. Where to start?  In the foreground, we have a body of water. Perhaps it's frozen. Let's hope it is, otherwise that Knight of Swords is doing a good Jesus impersonation. I have no idea why he's out there in the middle of the water, and neither does that faerie stag with the fiber optic antlers--he looks pretty startled. Behind this odd encounter, there's a very large, rangy house with Escher-like stairs and a ghostly tree. All in all, it's a weird scene and I don't know what to make of it! Tread softly as a deer, 'cause you're skatin' on thin ice???

Oh well, I'm flummoxed, so let's look at the individual cards. We've got the Knight of Swords, and in this image he seems less intent on battle than nurturing that small spark he's carrying. Maybe it's that which he's defending, because he does seem to be carrying it like one would behave in an egg-and-spoon race, eyes focused on it. The big house in the background makes me think of institutions, like social or educational institutions, and of course the Knight of Swords is all about thinking and doing the right thing as a result of those thoughts. He's not terribly nature-focused. The 8 of Cups usually stands for moving away from the familiar and striking off into unknown territory, and if that deer really does intend to step off the earth and out onto the ice (or possibly the surface of the water!), then he is certainly moving toward unfamiliar territory!

Okay, so if we look at them together, perhaps it is saying to let our thoughts and perhaps study lead us to strike out into new territory -- new experiences, new thoughts, new feelings. That's a nice message for a Monday. Something fresh would be nice, but it doesn't come to us. We have to discover it and move toward it, however tentatively and delicately.


  1. Those are really nice cards, and I'm fascinated by the fact the three different pairs you pulled go together so nicely, color-wise. They have similar backgrounds and foregrounds. It's almost like one picture instead of two different cards.

    1. Doh! I just read your introduction post about the pairs. I was thinking it was just such a coincidence. lol

  2. I see the magical stag as a faery being to guide us towards a higher truth, a la 8 of Cups. And the Knight of Swords definitely likes the idea of higher truths... :)

  3. I love your description of this card. Let me add some more words about new feelings:

    It is a miracle that they have met each other.
    Poor, horseless knight and a lonely doe.

    Winter, Сold, slippery and dangerous ice. Empty cold house with frozen window, covered with hoarfrost. If smb suddenly fall through the ice, no help, no one will come to save your life. .
    It is a miracle! Two lonely souls have met each to be together forever in grief and joy.

    My original text in Russian:

    Это - чудо! Они встретили друг друга: Бедный, безлошадный рыцарь и одинокая ,беззащитная лань.
    Зима,замерзший скользкий и опасный лед. Пустой холодный дом с замороженными, покрытыми инеем окнами.
    Если провалишься сквозь лед,то никто не поможет,никто не придет на помощь. Кричи – не кричи….Зима! Хорлод!
    Чудеса бывают! Две одинокие души встретились, чтобы быть навсегда вместе в горе и радости.