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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Pretty in Pink

This is a very pretty Empress card from the Crystal Tarot by Philip Permutt (CICO Books, 2010). For an Empress, she's rather fragile-looking, and certainly quite young. She sits in a fertile green lawn with fruit-bearing trees nearby, flowers gathering around the hem of her vibrant pink dress. Her crown, necklace and scepter are of emeralds, and there's a big emerald boulder just behind her to the right side of the card. Her shield or coat of arms is a green valentine heart with a Venus symbol on it. It's nice that she's not pregnant (I get tired of pregnant Empresses in tarot) but she could look a bit sturdier and firm of purpose for my liking. If the title didn't say Empress, I'd have guessed she's the Queen of Cups.

The Empress is a card of fundamental creativity, and so I hope this signifies that today I will feel creative in the way I approach my tasks and activities. I'm off work again today (my day off in the week for Saturday -- boo to Saturday working!) and have a couple of projects to work on, as well as a few books I want to read.

I will meditate on the Empress today and see what she has to say to me.

1 comment:

  1. Not sure why, but my gaze was very much drawn to the stream behind her. It highlights what you say about her looking like the Queen of Cups. Yet, it also says something about emotion being the water to our creativity... :)