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Friday, 16 August 2013

Relax into the peace of the moment

Our last draw of the week from Crystal Tarot (Permutt) is 9 of Cups. I have to admit I'm sorry to see the end of this week's draws because I think this is a charming, pretty deck, and it's been fun to learn bits and bobs about the associated crystals. I may extend the draws for another week.

Nine of Cups is the card of self-satisfaction and contentment. It is similar to the Nine of Pentacles, the familiar image of the lady of the manor relaxing in her vineyard/garden with her falcon on her arm. But where that card speaks of being deeply contented with one's physical and material life, the Nine of Cups is more about emotional/spiritual satisfaction.

'Pause, contemplate, and allow yourself to be happy,' says the companion book. 'Yes, there can be more, but this is not the instant to pursue it. You are content emotionally and spiritually. Keep it all very simple, this is not the moment to start complicating things.'

The associated crystal is ametrine. This a rare stone that is formed with citrine and amethyst exist in the same crystal. Apparently, it is only found in a mine in Bolivia, and in small amounts in Brazil. So it seems highly unlikely I would ever come to own such a stone. I think it is appropriate that ametrine is assigned to this card, though, because deep emotional and spiritual self-satisfaction is pretty rare. Wouldn't you agree? The stone combines both citrine and amethyst properties in its magical/healing aspect. It is not a stone that has been known for long, apparently having been discovered in the 17th century. It is said to balance male and female aspects and enhance universal equilibrium.

I take this card to mean I should not push too hard in some of my recent pursuits today, but to enjoy where I am at the moment. That's good advice, and welcome!

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