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Monday, 19 August 2013

The good fight

Crystal Tarot, Permutt 2010
I have to admit I have no idea where deck creator Philip Permutt gets his interpretation of Page of Swords in today's draw from The Crystal Tarot (CICO Books 2010). However unlike the usual Page of Swords interpetation it is, though, it is uncannily fitting with the cards I have been drawing lately, and with my current life situation. Listen to this:

'You have been working hard, and your previous actions will lead to success, but you will still need to be prepared and flexible to deal with challenges ahead. You are wiser now, having learned from your own mistakes.'

While that sounds nothing like the Page of Swords, it fits perfectly with the fact that I have been doing yoga twice a day for the past nearly two months and had to take a break yesterday because my left hip was protesting madly! I believe I overdid some side bends and in other ways just pushed too hard on Saturday. So strange, isn't it, that things like this happen, when a companion books says something unusual that seems to fit nonetheless.

Anyway, if I didn't have a companion book with this deck, I would of course fall back on my prior knowledge of the more traditional view of the Page of Swords, which indicates a bit of youth, a bit of hubris, a bit of self-righteous intellectual arrogance, a bit of loving to play devil's advocate. The Page of Swords is like that kid in class (it could have been you) who enjoys catching the teacher out in a mistake, or likes to ask questions that can't be answered. The Page of Swords is talkative, intellectually curious, easily stirred to take up causes, has a keen sense of justice, would have been at the forefront of youth protests during the Civil Rights movement, things like that. I always liken the courts to fictional characters, and this is the Lisa Simpson card.

Thinking about the meaning given in the companion book, it's true Lisa Simpson does learn from every mistake she makes, everything she observes. And yet, it never seems to blunt her keen energy for truth, justice, right, or her need to learn more and to try to make things better.

I wonder if drawing this card today means I will have my Page of Swords fire lit in some way? Hmm.


  1. Wow, that was appropriate! And I love how you relate this card to Lisa Simpson ;) Maybe it means you'll be tempted into an argument about some cause you believe in...

    1. I think Lisa is a perfect example of Page of Swords! :) Bart is the Page of Wands.

      I don't remember being tempted into an argument, but I did do some yoga yesterday, making slight modifications, and today I don't feel any worse for the wear. :)