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Friday, 27 September 2013

A Work Reading

Today there will be an important meeting, part of which could well have a bearing on hubby's job. I thought I would draw a Line of 5 to see what might be the impact of this meeting on hubster's situation.

Lenormand Oracle Cards, LoScarabeo
The cards here seem to me to suggest that while some sacrifices must be made, well-established posts will be preserved where possible. 

Where do I get this?

The central card is the most important one in the spread, and Fox is often associated with work. Because this reading is about work, I decided to us that interpretation. (I also associate Anchor and Moon with work, so I would have treated them the same if they'd landed here).  Fox+Lily+Tree suggests a long established post (Lily can mean older person, and Tree can mean longevity). Cross+Key can mean a sacrifice -- a hardship or burden is the solution to a problem.

The sacrifice or hardship may directly affect him, but there's no way here to say what that hardship might be. It could be anything at all, and just pulling an example out of the air, it could be something like no salary increase for a set time, or having to go through an assessment procedure to keep his current post, or even being put in a redeployment pool. Or it could be none of those things.

The most important message here would seem to be that he is not in the direct line of fire.

I shuffled very thoroughly and drew another Line of 5: How will the sacrifices that need to be made by hubster's employer directly affect him?

It amused me after a long and careful shuffle to see 3 of the same cards pop up. And I was rather amazed that 'sacrifice' was my focus and it landed right in the 'focus' position of the spread. Not sure why I was amazed. I am a card reader and I believe in the cards. But their behaviour still amazes me. 

The happiest part of this spread is the answer to the question seen in the last three cards - Cross+Rider+Bouquet -- Good news is on the way! So the answer would seem to be that hubby will not be directly affected by the meeting today. 

Whew! Now to see what 'really' happens...I will of course let you know. We will find out on Monday when we return to work from our holiday.


  1. As you say, the cards never cease to amaze! Will look forward to hearing how it goes. Fingers crossed the cards are right and his job will be fine :)