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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ain't playing today

Struggle, challenge and obstacles are what the Druidcraft Tarot offers today (Carr-Gomm & Worthington, 2005). Well, yay. My favourites.

In this card we see a Celtic warrior, barefoot and shirtless, defending a hilltop position against a barrage of enemies attacking from below. He's in a good defensive position at the top of the hill, but he's on his own and not exactly fully armoured. It looks to me, though, like those guys below are more brandishing their spears and jeering than really attacking. I've always thought this card was more about defending one's position or standing one's ground, proving oneself in some way, rather than actually engaging in a full-on fight.

Well, but I don't want to defend my position, stand my ground or prove myself today. I just want to get through the day as quietly as possible and get home and make a pot of chili. So maybe this is me warding off all attempts to engage with me on any level today. Just can't be bothered to do more than give the message,'I don't want to talk about it. It doesn't matter to me. Just do whatever.' When I look at the card that way, he does seem to be crossing his wand across theirs as if to push them back without engaging them. Just a kind of shove. 'Get off!' He seems to be saying. 'I have more important things to do, like finding my robe and slippers and the remote control. Go home. Go pick a fight elsewhere.'


  1. Love it! Shove off, I wanna watch tv and eat chili ;D

    Ha, I wish I could get that vibe today, but I'm buzzing with things to do and deadlines looming all over the place. Ah well, maybe at the weekend...

    1. I think I can safely say, I've never been 'buzzing with things to do.'

    2. What about when you have those kids events? Sounds like you have plenty to keep you abuzz with those! :)

  2. I hope you got your quiet evening of chili making and putting your feet up for some tv watching. :-)

  3. I made pasta with a thick, winey sauce and a side of broccoli. :) And we watched one episode of 'The Returned,' plus the premiere episode of 'Bates Motel.' First -- very good. Second -- meh.