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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ancient Italian Tarot Pairs: Day 6

'Ask yourself what "problem" you have right now, at this moment. 
Not next year, tomorrow, or five minutes from now. 
What is wrong with this moment?'
~Eckhart Tolle

3 of Cups                                                Ace of Wands
Whoa! Remember yesterday when I said there were no wands this week? Now here I am with the mother of all wands cards -- in the RELEASE position! And in the embrace position, 3 of Cups.

The image that dominates this draw from the Ancient Italian Tarot is that humongous chunk of wood in the Ace of Wands. It's gigantic and the hand is gripping it with purpose, like it's about to be used as a weapon to bash something (or someone) to smithereens. So I'm reading this draw today as:

Don't beat yourself - or anyone else - up today. Celebrate instead.

This is good advice because it's a tense time for us right now, waiting to find out what's going on with hubster's job. I only just found out last night that it could be at risk. Now we have to wait until Monday after next to find out what's going on with the budget and so on. 


This draw seems to be telling me to live in the moment and be happy. Not take a stick to my own back. Now normally I would see swords as being overthinking, but I'm going with my most instinctive response to that image of the Ace of Wands today. Because when I look at that card all I can think is, 'Take cover!' 

Eckhart Tolle says, when we find our minds racing forward or back, to come to the present and ask ourselves, what is the big problem right at this moment. I think most of us can safely say, nothing is actually wrong at this moment. Unless we're being chased by wild animals or our butts are on fire or some other serious threat to life and limb, nothing's wrong. Surely if you're sitting there reading this blog entry, you are in a quiet, safe moment. So celebrate it. 'In this moment, I am safe. I am whole, I am breathing. I am alive. I am known. I am loved. I celebrate these things. Any challenges that may present themselves, I will deal with by accepting that they are happening and taking necessary steps one at a time. But again, right now at this moment, all is well.'

Some people reject present moment thinking. I encourage you to just try it. It really does help bring you back from the edge of 'Oh my God, THERE IS NO HOPE!' to a saner, calmer place. 


  1. Excellent advice again from you and your Embrace/Release readings. :-)

    1. Thanks, Siddaleah. The cards can be very helpful.

  2. Ha, stop clubbing yourself to death with worries that aren't yet real - good call ;)

    I don't know, though, with Tolle's philosophy. Just because I'm not being chased right now doesn't mean I don't have to think about how to deal with issues that I know are coming up and which require planning/forethought. For example, I know there's something important happening in a month's time, but that I have to do a lot of things between now and then to be ready for it. Just because it's not happening now doesn't mean it isn't affecting me now, as lots of those things take weeks to get done, especially when they involve other people/institutions...

    1. I wouldn't be too overly literal with his philosophy. It's just that some people working on a project that has to do with the future would be doing so with all sort of movies of impending doom, dread, resentment, fear, etc, much of which comes from the past and is being projected into the future. This as opposed to focusing on the task at hand. 'Right now I am typing this paragraph of my report to meet my deadline,' rather than, 'I have always hated doing these stupid reports; they are so pointless. No one will even look at it. And if they do they will probably ask me to rewrite it. Or maybe they'll read it and finally realize how completely out of my depth I am at this job and demote me.' Etc.

      The call to be in the present moment is not the call to inaction. It's to be in the present moment.

    2. Plus, the example of being chased was mine; I don't know if Tolle would even agree with that as an example, and in fact I wrote that somewhat flippantly very early in the morning. I do know that his thoughts on present moment living are not unique to him, and they do help me personally. :) I'm also almost certain that Tolle would not advocate doing nothing or failing to prepare for the future as present moment living.

  3. I really enjoy to read what you write about the cards. It is a bit difficult for me to connect to the minors of this deck.