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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Oracles: Taking stock

A stock take of my oracle deck collection. Favourites in red.

1. Mystical Lenormand **
2. Lenormand Oracle Cards *****
3. Postmark Lenormand ****
4. Pixie's Astounding Mlle Lenormand Cards ***
5. French Cartomancy Cards ***
6. Blue Owl Lenormand **
7. Titania's Fortune Cards ****
8. Fairy Tale Fortune Cards **
9. Highlanders 1864 Poker Deck*****

10. Green Man Tree Oracle ***
11. Rune Cards (Linsell & Partridge) **
12. Way of the Horse *****
13. Druid Plant Oracle *****
14. Druid Animal Oracle *****

15. Camelot Oracle ***

16. Gods and Goddesses Oracle (Mandala) ***
17. Goddess Power Pack ***
18. The Goddess Oracle ****
19. Isis Oracle **
20. Mythic Oracle (new acquisition, no star rating yet)
21. Goddesses Knowledge Cards (never used)

Angels and Faeries
22. Angel Insight Pack ***
23. Faeries' Oracle (Froud)*****
24. Heart of Faerie Oracle (Froud)****

Alternative Healing
25. Chakra Meditations ****
26. Bach Flowers ***

27. Teen Oracle****
28. Morgan's Tarot *****
29. Deck of 1000 Spreads ***


  1. Interesting that none of the Pagan/Nature/Animals decks get highlighted in red. Yet you have a few of them. So, something you are drawn to, but none of these decks quite does it for you... :)

    1. I was going through a phase, and now I feel attached to them just because I've had them a long time. At least that's true of the Druid ones. Plus I like Worthington. I want to increase my oracle collection because I find them interesting and beautiful, but it's not easy to find an oracle that I don't find annoyingly twee, all sweetness and light or just too Doreen Virtue. I'm discovering that I quite like a lot of what Blue Angel has on offer.