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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sacred harvest?

Druidcraft Tarot, 2005
The Seven of Pentacles usually means 'patience' to me. It's harder for me to interpret this particular image from Druidcraft Tarot as patience, in contrast to the traditional RWS image of a farmer leaning on his hoe observing the plants, as though he's waiting for the right time to harvest. In this image, the Druid is actually cutting mistletoe. That doesn't seem like waiting patiently. In fact, the companion book (which I haven't actually looked at in years) suggests that this card is more about harvesting than waiting for harvest. 'You can now take a break and appreciate the results of all your hard work and effort.' But it then goes on to say,'Once we have prepared the ground and planted the seed, we need to stand back and let the growing take place without further interference or worrying. It's possible the harvest has not yet arrived, in which case the card counsels patience.' Ah ha! So the image doesn't necessarily reflect the meaning of the card in this instance. Because harvesting doesn't equate in my mind with waiting for the harvest! The card, then could mean harvest, waiting for the harvest, or -- the book goes on to suggest -- 'clearing out unnecessary clutter.' Hmm.

I'm not sure what I see in this card for me today. Apparently the mistletoe was held sacred by Druids because it grew high off the ground with no apparent roots, and since it had no obvious connection to the earth, was held sacred to the sun. That still doesn't really help me decide what this card has to do with my day today. So we see a Druid harvesting something he holds sacred. I must have a good think and do some observing today to see what 'sacred' thing I will end up harvesting. Or, what sacred thing I need to wait a bit longer before harvesting.  Hmm, a sacred thing. What could that be. OR, what unnecessary clutter do I need to clear out? Because I guess when you get right down to it, mistletoe is a parasite which the tree itself would consider unnecessary clutter! Surely this isn't pointing to the cookies again! Great, now those seven pentacles are looking like a plate of cookies, ha ha. Well, they've certainly been unnecessary clutter in my diet lately. Pfft.


  1. There are certainly a lot of options there to choose from!

    I generally see this particular 7 of Pents as harvesting when the time is right. After all, the Druid had to wait til midwinter to be able to harvest the mistletoe, it couldn't have been done at any other time. That's how, in my head, I've connected this card with waiting, I guess.

    What stays with me at the end of your post is the question, what of the sacred can I bring into my life today?

  2. Like you, I'd have to look at my book, but doesn't the Druidcraft follow the year wheel like the greenwood? I may actually get off my lazy bum and look!

    1. I'm not sure. I will have to look at the book, too!