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Thursday, 26 September 2013

What am I set to reap?

In the Mabon Tarot Blog Hop, Andy Boroveshengra wrote a heartfelt post touching on the predictive powers of tarot, and suggested that the readers of his post deal themselves three cards and 'see what we're set to reap.' So, here goes: What am I set to reap between now and Samhain?

Tarot Illuminati, 2013
Now, this is meant to be a purely predictive tarot reading, looking at what is going to happen to me between now and 31 October. Keeping it as cut and dried as possible, I can see two ways of reading this draw:

1. It will be a time of inaction (4 of Swords), confusion (Moon) and lack of direction (Fool). My inner fears (Moon) cause me to become very passive (4 of Swords), while also causing me to make reckless, possibly self-sabotaging choices (Fool).

2. It will be a time of reflection (4 of Swords) and introspection (Moon), a time when my 'beginner mind' will refresh my enthusiasm (Fool). I will face many of my inner fears (Moon) through journeying within (Fool) using new (Fool) meditation techniques (4 of Swords).

Actually either of these could be true. Or both of them could be true. I can see several scenarios where the first, negative reading could happen. And I can equally see how the second, positive reading could happen. It is entirely possible that in different areas of my life, both will happen.

I maintain, though, that even though this is a predictive reading, these outcomes are still dependent upon my choices. I can choose not to allow the negative reading to happen, and I can equally back off and prevent the positive outcome from happening. I admit, though, and can see how if I remain on my current trajectory, these things will manifest. It would take a conscious effort on my part to change this. If nothing else, it has been useful for me to look upon the cards in a wholly predictive manner, because it forces me to see the negative and positive, rather than trying to wring a 100% 'empowering' meaning from the cards. The truth is empowering. The truth is, either or both of these outcomes could happen. And the important thing is to watch out in my life and make sure I really get the outcome I want.


  1. I think you are absolutely right that we create our own future. Tarot for me is more a self development than a predictive tool . But I definitely don't like to dilute the meaning of the cards.

  2. Great reading and approach. We can use any divination tool predictively, but that doesn't mean that the answer is ever clear, nor set in stone. Seeing both possibilities will, I hope, help you to choose the path you prefer. And as you say, there could well be aspects of both, at different times. Very interesting!