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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Like candy floss

Wicca Moon Tarot
'Come here quick!' cried Daisy at the window. 

The rain was still falling, but the darkness had parted in the west, and there was a pink and golden billow of foamy clouds above the sea. 

'Look at that,' she whispered, and then after a moment: 'I'd like to just get one of those pink clouds and put you in it and push you around.' 
~ F Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

The 6 of Cups is about nostalgia, and the pink cloud with the flowers-and-sparkles rising out of the cups like champagne bubbles certainly seems to evoke the sentiment expressed by Daisy.  She and Jay Gatsby had enjoyed a rather adolescent flirtation during the years of WW1, and now in the Jazz Age, each would like to recapture that feeling and that era, Daisy because she wants to feel young and innocent again, and Jay because Daisy represented (and still represents) all the dreamy aspirations of his impoverished childhood -- the beauty, the affluence, the privilege, the easy grace, the carelessness. 

The 6 of Cups can be a complex card. It might just be one of the most complex in the tarot deck. Our childhoods, our memories of our childhood, our youthful dreams, our lost innocence, it's all tied up here in this card.

But it can also be a card that shows just a longing for things to be simple and uncomplicated, easy and 'happy'. That's what I'm hoping for today.


  1. Good luck with having an easy, happy day :) For me, there's something in that card today about seeing the past in a rose-tinted way. Not necessarily bad, but something for me to be aware of - overidealising the past...

  2. In our memories the past in our memories is always colored by our own emotional state. I find it often so relaxing to take a walk on memory lane and reminisce about happy times without feeling the need to cling on to them :)