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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Oh, boy! Conflict!

Spiral Tarot, 1997
Nobody likes a squabble, so I wasn't too thrilled to see 5 of Wands as my card of the day. Though heaven knows I've been conflicted enough over the last two weeks about all this job stuff. I went to the assessment for the experience. Then they offer me two posts which involve commutes. I try to get them to offer me enough of a raise in salary to at least cover the the commutes with a bit left over for me. No go. So I end up taking one of them and turning down the other to stay half time in my current post. After commute costs and taxes, I'm going to end up only slight better off per month financially. When I say slight, I mean slight. Like, the cost of a tarot box set slight.

These guys remind me of the cast of 'Gangs of New York'. Remember that film? Leonardo di Caprio vs uber villain Daniel Day Lewis. No, I don't remember much about it either, except the costumes.

I suppose the good thing is at least the squabbles aren't serious. Rachel Pollack points out in Tarot Wisdom that the number 5 falls Gevurah in the Tree of Life, a place of contraction and adversity, but the wands energy is so optimistic that it keeps the conflict from being terribly serious. It's minor clashes or some sort of competitive energy.

To look at the card from a more positive perspective, the 5s can be a time of change (but then, what tarot card isn't!) and so the 5 of Wands can be a shift in energy or new sense of purpose. Well, I find that a bit of a stretch for me personally, but that's what Rachel Pollack suggests. Still, it's competition that doesn't 'hurt', and can also show the excitement of participating in the world.

Well, I wonder then what the day will bring.


  1. Ooh, interesting card! I notice the way the floor they stand on is atilt. There they are, fighting each other, when in fact the world around them is already full enough of trouble. What could that wands energy achieve if they stopped bickering and tried to do something in the larger world?

    In your job situation, too, the higher ups are bickering over a minimal raise, when the big picture is so much more complicated and difficult... Ah well, at least you'll have enough for an extra tarot deck each month ;)

  2. Good observations.

    Right after I wrote this, hubby and I got into a few heated words about distribution of bill paying. Short spat. Then at work, I squabbled a bit about some things they were doing with the library floor plan, made my case and got my way. ;)

    1. Too funny - fits nicely with Rachel Pollack's shift in energy, as changing the floor plan will definitely affect that. And it fits with the floor itself moving under their feet :D