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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Oh for a snooze

Spiral Tarot, Steventon 1997
Oh, how appropriate is this card from Spiral Tarot. I am so knackered I don't know what to do with myself, but alas I am scheduled to work today. Yes, a Sunday. Where's the justice,  I ask you. I would so rather be home snuggled under a blanky, relaxing and watching the complete DVD box set of Rev. (Or maybe you can see this clip here).

Well, at least I get to come home at 3.15. That's something, I guess.


  1. Hope you got some quiet time once you made it home :) Interesting that she has poppies on that blanket, makes me think about what Ciro said in his talk about it being unclear to him if the figure on this card is sleeping, in a coma or dead. Sometimes, though, we may need to be knocked out a bit to allow ourselves that rest...

    1. I never did take a nap. Though I've always seen 4 of Swords as rest, meditation or sleep, and not coma or death. I suppose it could be seen as a sedative. That's a new one!

    2. Yeah, I can't see myself suggesting is as an interpretation often, but it's an interesting thought :)