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Saturday, 5 October 2013


Aquarian Tarot, US Games
This week's deck is the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini, first published in 1970 by US Games, reissued in 1993 and again in 2006. Of course, I have the 2006 edition.

Even though the box describes the deck as 'Art Deco-inspired' this deck strikes me as being quite 70s-tastic, especially the majors. The minors are nearly all close-up variation of RWS images, with lots of white space incorporated.

Today's draw is the 2 of Rods, or 2 of Wands. To me, the 2 of Rods is usually about making plans, creating a vision, feeling in touch with one's power. The Golden Dawn calls the card 'Lord of Dominion' and suggest it means expression of power, authority or influence. Waite himself compared the figure in his RWS image to Alexander the Great, who supposedly wept after he had conquered the known world, because after that he could think of nothing to do with his life. And so some readers interpret the card to mean success tinged with sadness.

I prefer, and tend to use, the interpretation of being in control over a situation, a time of feeling in touch with your power, and knowing your own potential.

Today I hope to work a bit more on something that may affect my daily life. I have something coming up Friday after next that could affect my work and daily routine. I am not sure I actually want this thing to happen, but I am going to step up for it anyway. I have strong ideas of my requirements, though, so things may fall through at the negotiation stage.  Maybe there's a tinge of sadness there because even if I get this opportunity, my heart won't truly be in it.


  1. And if they don't fall through, will you accept it although you are not really in for it? Let's hope for the best.:)
    BTW Lovely deck. Very peaceful with all that white

  2. I remember you saying you wanted to get this deck. Hurrah that you did :]

    I had both 93 and 06 editions at one point briefly due to shipping mishaps, and ultimately chose the 06 to keep. The cardstock is much suckier, but the colors are much, much nicer to me.

  3. Hey, it might work out better than you think, or they might be happy with your terms. Come on, I can't be a Pollyanna all on my own ;D